Big Bad Breakfast, indeed!

And it’s a Big Bad Breakfast for ANY time of the day!

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My rock-star Husband got a hold of this book before me and he immediately LOVED it! LOL! Now THAT’S confirmation that this could be a FABULOUS book for the man in your life (friend or otherwise).

As for me, I LOVED the idea of this book, simply based on the cover and it’s title. Breakfast is not a course I usually tackle, but I was willing to take on a dish in this book- only because everything in this book looks worth making!
Reading through this cookbook the first time through, my eyes and my mind felt pure delight! The stories and the recipes have great themes to them. The pictures do a great job alluring the reader to want to attempt them all….well, in my world!
I also noted that the author really appreciates cooking from scratch as much as possible-which is something I usually cut corners in. Still, I feel many of the recipes in this cookbook are approachable for anyone who loves to cook, and there are so many highlights on flavor, via spices and fresh ingredients.
For our cookbook recipe taste test, I chose to take on a less traditional (and less ingredient) “breakfast” recipe called Shakshouka-a dish well known in the Middle East.



The challenges I faced while making this recipe were the cooking times. The times of cooking listed in the instructions of the recipe were pretty much three times longer for me-each and every time! Maybe because I don’t have an industrial kitchen. Either way, the description of what the cooking should do FOR the ingredients were explained within the recipe-that was what I was going on at that point.
The end result was my presentation looking more like a fifties or sixties retro dish with my eggs more cooked than the recipe and the cheese more cooked than the recipe-hmmm…

As far as the taste of the dish-IT WAS AMAZING! It was still very flavorful (nothing tasted burned) and the food didn’t feel heavy at all! It was more filling, than anything else! Made a great lunch for the next day!


Would I attempt another recipe from this cookbook? HECK YES! There are some FUN and more traditional/southern-style dishes going on in this book that caught my eye (and tummy) that I feel are worth attempting for breakfast, brunch OR dinner -egg bakes, Benedict’s, quesadillas, salsa/sauces, enchiladas, migas, scrambles, specialty brunch beverage favorites (with their own twists), all kinds of pancakes, breads and cakes…actually there is much more than that, and it’s NOT overwhelming at all. Just enough of everything that would look great on a restaurant menu.
I rarely eat meat and there were plenty for me to choose from, in this book. These are the kind of recipes I’d cook for beyond my own family-these are recipes I’d WANT to invite friends over for….a Big Bad Breakfast!!!

***I received this book from Blogging for Books for this review.***

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Tips I learned from a 3-hour tour

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I’ve now been on 3 unconscious boat rides. Each one I was “there” at but not really “there” paying attention to how boat ride gatherings really worked. This time I made the decision to really pay attention. Would if I were hosting one of these fabulous boating trips

It’s true, though. I’ve been so scared of “out there” for so long, that I panic when I see someone else doing it. I’ve hosted plenty of parties and events in my own home, but never outside of it. Even gigs…they are always put on by someone else. I’d just show up as usual.

So today I took notes on how to properly host a boat outing with ease, just by watching our hostess. She is the QUEEN, in my book!

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TOOLS for a party of 4-8

Cooler on wheels! (preferably a soft sporty cooler. Nothing hard or bulky. You want to be able to get it easily in and out of the boat, while not taking up too much room.)

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  • Cloth tablecloth (Polyester checker design is always a great choice!)
  • Shatterproof stemless wine glasses (look for ones with the indentation-harder to slip from hands)

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  • Tupperware with lids (small sizes for dips, larger for pasta salads)

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  • Plastic reusable plates (I’d stick with white, on behalf of the color/pattern of your tablecloth)

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  • Plastic spoons and forks
  • Serving utensils (keep them small so they don’t blow away!)
  • Napkins (dinner size)
  • Speaker for music (Bluetooth or many times the boat has a mini-cable)

***NOTE: The boat you rent may also have it’s own built in stereo / CD Player.

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For your gathering

  • Food and drinks for your guests (simple, easy to serve food)
  • A great musical playlist that sets a good mood for your gathering (phone/ipod)
  • Ice for cooler
  • Bottle Waters
  • Wine (red/white/beer)
  • Trash bag
  • Recycle bag/things you take home to wash, bag

It’s absolutely cool and A-Okay to ask your guests to bring a dish and a choice of drink. We all share, but the host/hostess still makes sure the whole party is taken care of, and keeps their guests informed of exactly what they ARE bringing, so there are no duplicate dishes.

Our hostess brought a pasta salad, shrimp and sauce, crackers, cheese and wine. That left room for guests to bring appetizers like hummus, tortilla chips, desserts, specialty nuts, and more wine!

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It was truly a perfect mix of just about everything for a perfect 3 hour boat ride.

As far as who drives the boat, it’s almost certain that if you are hosting a boat ride, you already know how to do it. But it’s nice to invite your guests to take a turn at it.

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Obvious common courtesy’s during the boat ride

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Being courteous to other’s also in the same waters, keeping the volume of  music and voice to the boat, and to read whatever rules are posted at the boat rental facility. Also, dress cool! Just because you play in a rock & roll band, does not mean you need to dress like a rock & roller while cruising at 3 miles per hour through residential canals. (Really. No need for jeans, a dark shirt, another dark shirt over that and then a windbreaker on the side). Seriously, I forget that it doesn’t get cold like when your out in the ocean….sigh….I survived and with so much to write home about! YAY!

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Fab-Fluffy Scrambled Eggs with Toast Points from Mychols’ Fabulous Kitchen!

Fab-Fluffy Scrambled Eggs with Toast Points!
(Inspired by and Dedicated to my beautiful Daughter Vivienne)

Processed with Snapseed.Today I’m sharing a personal kid friendly favorite from my very own fabulous kitchen! I’ve even given it a fancy name. This recipe might be considered simple and common, but the preparation and kitchen tools involved here are key!

A good non-stick pan, A strong metal spatula with a rubber tip, a 2-cup measuring cup (for space to create bubbles in!), and a medium sized whisk.

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                                                             FAB-FLUFFY SCRAMBLED EGGS

                                                                                  1 Serving

*3 Eggs 
*1 Tsp Butter
*1/4 tsp Garlic Powder
*1/4 Tsp Sea Salt (We love Pink Himalayan Salt!)
*1 Splash of Water

Add the butter to your non-stick pan, over medium-high heat. As the butter melts,
crack your 3 eggs in the large measuring cup and add a splash of water to it. Add the garlic powder and salt next. Now whisk your egg mixture for about 30 seconds vigorously (we want bubbles. LOTS of bubbles!)

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Your butter should be nicely melted and slightly sizzle-y.

Next, turn the heat down to medium-low and add your whisked eggs to it.

Allow the eggs to simply sit till they look “set” around the edges.

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At this point you can lift, flip, and slide the “set” eggs carefully away from the hottest parts of the pan, letting the still “wet” parts of the egg fall in to the empty heated space so they can also “set”.

Cook and only carefully slide and/or flip your omletey-egg masterpiece until all the egg mixture is fully done to your liking. I like it to be fluffy, with a little “wet” look to them.

TIP: Keeping the lifting and flipping to a minimum will help keep the eggs in a nice fluffy consistency.

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Tip 2: I like to serve this dish in a 1-serving sized crock pot, because I find it keeps the eggs warmed longer.

                                                                         TOAST POINTS
                                                                                  1 Serving

Toast points are really just a fancy title for triangle shaped toast with the crust cut off of them. I LOVE toast points!!!

*Bread-2 slices
*Butter or Margarine

Toast bread to a light golden brown, spread with butter or margarine, cut edges off of each side of your toast, then cut diagonally for triangle shapes and serve with your Fab-Fluffy Scrambled Eggs!

Any leftovers can be offered to the hungry parent!