Tips I learned from a 3-hour tour

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I’ve now been on 3 unconscious boat rides. Each one I was “there” at but not really “there” paying attention to how boat ride gatherings really worked. This time I made the decision to really pay attention. Would if I were hosting one of these fabulous boating trips

It’s true, though. I’ve been so scared of “out there” for so long, that I panic when I see someone else doing it. I’ve hosted plenty of parties and events in my own home, but never outside of it. Even gigs…they are always put on by someone else. I’d just show up as usual.

So today I took notes on how to properly host a boat outing with ease, just by watching our hostess. She is the QUEEN, in my book!

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TOOLS for a party of 4-8

Cooler on wheels! (preferably a soft sporty cooler. Nothing hard or bulky. You want to be able to get it easily in and out of the boat, while not taking up too much room.)

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  • Cloth tablecloth (Polyester checker design is always a great choice!)
  • Shatterproof stemless wine glasses (look for ones with the indentation-harder to slip from hands)

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  • Tupperware with lids (small sizes for dips, larger for pasta salads)

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  • Plastic reusable plates (I’d stick with white, on behalf of the color/pattern of your tablecloth)

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  • Plastic spoons and forks
  • Serving utensils (keep them small so they don’t blow away!)
  • Napkins (dinner size)
  • Speaker for music (Bluetooth or many times the boat has a mini-cable)

***NOTE: The boat you rent may also have it’s own built in stereo / CD Player.

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For your gathering

  • Food and drinks for your guests (simple, easy to serve food)
  • A great musical playlist that sets a good mood for your gathering (phone/ipod)
  • Ice for cooler
  • Bottle Waters
  • Wine (red/white/beer)
  • Trash bag
  • Recycle bag/things you take home to wash, bag

It’s absolutely cool and A-Okay to ask your guests to bring a dish and a choice of drink. We all share, but the host/hostess still makes sure the whole party is taken care of, and keeps their guests informed of exactly what they ARE bringing, so there are no duplicate dishes.

Our hostess brought a pasta salad, shrimp and sauce, crackers, cheese and wine. That left room for guests to bring appetizers like hummus, tortilla chips, desserts, specialty nuts, and more wine!

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It was truly a perfect mix of just about everything for a perfect 3 hour boat ride.

As far as who drives the boat, it’s almost certain that if you are hosting a boat ride, you already know how to do it. But it’s nice to invite your guests to take a turn at it.

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Obvious common courtesy’s during the boat ride

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Being courteous to other’s also in the same waters, keeping the volume of  music and voice to the boat, and to read whatever rules are posted at the boat rental facility. Also, dress cool! Just because you play in a rock & roll band, does not mean you need to dress like a rock & roller while cruising at 3 miles per hour through residential canals. (Really. No need for jeans, a dark shirt, another dark shirt over that and then a windbreaker on the side). Seriously, I forget that it doesn’t get cold like when your out in the ocean….sigh….I survived and with so much to write home about! YAY!

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