What is Leif Teaching Me?

For some reason, this artist comes to my mind every now and then. I mostly know of him through a couple movies I’ve seen and LOVED (Spirit of 76 and Dickie Roberts), and an outdoor festival I saw him play back in the mid/late nineties.

We could have paid the $100 meet-and-greet ticket, but honestly with hiring a babysitter for 7 hours for this night out already, it was a pricey night already as it was. In fact, months ago I put the word out on Facebook that I’d love for our band to be considered as a possible opening act for Mr. Garrett- (to me it was another way to meet him-wink wink). I was put in touch with one connection but that connection would soon fizzle out and dissolve in to the ether. But that was okay. I was happy just to take the night off instead! Plus, I got to see another great opening act that night!




OMG-I really enjoyed this show! I usually root for who I think might be underdog musicians and I think I originally just wanted to go to this show to show my support for someone I actually kind of admired. I was really surprised and very grateful for going because this guy brought a FABULOUS, ALIVE and FUN show! His band is seriously amazing, too! I wanted to just stare at each band member individually for minutes on end, but I didn’t want to forget the person I actually came to see-ladies and gentlemen, the fabulous Leif Garrett!

I would soon realized that I was not there to “fix” anyone with my “musician to musician” support. I was there to find what it was inside of ME that needed a little bit of healing and understanding. I would be getting in touch with whatever I thought was wrong with “out there” while getting in touch with what Leif was actually teaching me that was going on “in here”. In other words, if we heal what’s going on within ourselves, we heal the whole experience of what’s going on “out there”, presenting us with a pleasurable experience!



Yes-back to the show, indeed! I want to really make this known that besides for the originals Leif plays, he also mixes in some covers. But DO NOT MISUNDERSTAND me here because they do NOT play covers like a cover band would (Believe me, I’ve seen enough and I’ve been in cover bands myself to know the difference!) What they bring is their own personality to the musical mix. I was even thinking about this within various moments of the show-they make each song really special while making the set for the audience enjoyable AND fun! (Remember-this is my own personal perspective from my experience of this show).

My takeaway now is this. I am sure that this beautiful man has struggles, as many of us also have. Still, I stand inspired here by a gift Leif brings that no one else can touch. It is his own unique fingerprint and gift for this particular time on this planet. To me, he is the real deal-whether he believes it or not. His band-the real deal. The chemistry and music they bring-it’s real and they are AMAZING players! The energy of the room Leif seems to attract-playful and appreciative.


What ever goes on within the person…the band…the fans….I don’t know. Why Leif only plays once a year? I don’t know. Does Leif want or not want to be recognized and to nurture his gifts further is unknown. Whether Leif plays only for himself or if he really loves playing for his fans-I simply don’t have a clue.  All I know is a great experience I had of a fun show.


I even got a sweet compliment from a girl after the show from the stage (that she and many fans were on for the last song of the night). She told me I had a nice smile!

…and THAT completed the night exceptionally!

Thank you for reading and Happy Birthday again to you, Leif!

The Leif Garret Website: Leif Garret

Leif Garret’s Facebook page: getaleif







Nourishing Meals

For anyone looking to really change the foods they eat, with the intention of healing and repairing the body through superior guidance, I highly suggest this book!

Now here is where I begin my blog.

As a child I was so picky about food that I simply chose not to eat most of the time, and I DID survive. In fact, I’m still alive! Seriously, I was raised on whatever the mass society was eating-who knew if I even had a food allergy at the time? We just didn’t recognize stuff like that in our home-it wasn’t in our consciousness. I come from a lineage of MANY different cultures and habits, and I was eventually formed as is. It wasn’t until my mid-twenties that I really started to branch out and try different kinds of food. I simply let my body and taste buds guide me, still having no idea if I might be allergic to anything!

It now has me wondering if healthy parents that raise their kids within healthy eating simply have that similar DNA already in them. Habits (and allergies) are pretty much already passed on in many ways. Maybe cookbooks like these are also offering information and recipes to the rest of us (even those of us without allergies), to help us create healthy habits we can pass on and to avoid ever potentially forming any allergies at all.

Still, for me and reading this book, I feel all the fun and joy’s of food are pretty much missing (meaning, if I have any allergies to any foods, I’ll adjust and just live with them!)


Currently, I’ve been enthusiastically working on ways to show my kids a world of more exciting, mindful and healthy eating habits through fun recipes and themed family nights, and I was hoping that this book would add to the mix-I guess I misunderstood what the book was really aiming at.

Also, while reading through Nourishing Meals, I was fearful that it may already be too late for this kind lifestyle of eating with my kids-I should have been eating like this while my kids were still in the womb and now they are already past the ages of six and still picky eaters. Note: I know that we all know it’s never too late, but it probably gets a lot harder until you are FULLY ready to make a change, and on a permanent basis.

As a person who received this book with the previous intention explained,  I did feel that this book brought a LOT of fantastic, simple and insightful information about what certain foods can do to our bodies, and what to do to repair and heal, allergies or not.

My Month Long Experience with Detox and Clean Eating

Once upon a time, I did a detox of clean eating for a full one month (it felt like three!). This book would have really come in handy, during that time! Still, through that experience, I grew extremely heavy, emotionally. I felt it was way too much work and effort, especially without understanding enough what it was all for, but I DID have a great takeaway…


***I received this book from Blogging for Books for this review.***

Find Nourishing Meals and so much more at their beautiful website http://www.nourishingmeals.com/

Available NOW on Amazon.com: Nourishing Meals

Like Money, Candy is Energy

It was through the passion of my ego’s annoyance that inspired me to write about the experience of last night’s adventure. It was through the observer, my higher consciousness, that I decided to write about the same experience and to release the pain I was choosing to experience.

Through this writing was when I discovered-or uncovered-the obvious. That like money, candy is energy!

The story begins when my family went trick or treating. We had strolled peacefully through a few streets in our neighborhood while our kids gathered candy from the homes of strangers -ones who had made big candy purchases just to serve random people in costumes exclaiming, “Trick Or Treat!”…and of course adding the courteous, “thank you”, that comes after the magical candy drop.

After our hour or so of candy collecting and fun Halloween Decor visuals, we walked over to visit some friends who every year, pass out candy from their very own spooktacular decorated driveway.

It wasn’t long after we had arrived that our friends realized they were almost out of candy to pass out. Their street had never seen so much foot traffic on Halloween night.
My guess, is that it was because this year Halloween fell on a Monday night. People have to work, after all. I soon asked myself as I noticed the time, why the heck are all these kids and grown-ups still out walking around and gathering candy so late?

It was my 10 year old Son who stepped up and graciously decided he wanted to share his own collected candy to save the night. We all kept asking, “are you sure?” He was VERY sure. Our whole party felt so much inspiration from his selfless decision. Our host was even so inspired that he went and presented a gift to show gratitude for this boy’s beautiful act.



My immediate experience of the moment was of course, witnessing the JOY of my Son’s act. He gave his candy away so lovingly and with so much care. He reminded me of a feeling. An authentic and pure experience in the act of giving. Giving from the heart before EVER “learning” anything else.

I remembered what it felt like before I learned what it was to be attached to “things”. Before fear and any sort of  “lack of” mentality mind-set came to be. Through my own programming, the ego would have something to say about this one. It would be taking notes to wake me up with in just a few hours. I would soon be teetering endlessly from JOY to PAIN.

I fell asleep remembering the cute appreciative kids that my Son gave his candy to, but soon the ego would come wide awake with IT’S say in the matter, and it was already remembering everything it didn’t like….

…everything like the witnessing of parents gathering candy for their 1-year old …and the other group with their newborn, admitting the candy was really for themselves. The ego remembered the several cars desperately searching for houses with lights still on. It seemed like they were searching for a candy lottery or something-in search of as much candy as they could get while they could still get it. They’d park…grab candy….say thank you, of course, and leave.

And there was my Son still giving his candy away…to them.

I was experiencing feelings of pain within myself of what I judged as greed from others. It was all going over and over in my head-and in my heart, reminding me of how people feel about politics-the assumptions…the judgments…the expectations of others….IT’S ALL THAT SAME ENERGY! Why do I feel so sure about it? Because it FEELS like the same energy-festering and vibrating on it’s extremely low and dangerous setting.

My Son was not suffering for his kind act. I was.

Through writing this blog post, I would understand that through those who accepted candy from this beautiful spirit of a kid, where accepting the candy for his benefit. The true and pure authentic JOY IN GIVING would awaken as the experience that this little guy chose all by himself.

Lesson learned, Mom. All is well.