My intention here is to share an experience that might resonate with you. Sometimes we hold on to things because we think we need them…
….sometimes because we feel we are “missing” something, and filling up a space that might feel incomplete. For me, those “things” were actually distractions, like boulders, disrupting my receiving of inspiration and creation.
Pure 1
As always, I invite YOU to share with ME your own experiences of little to big evolution’s and experiences of your own awakening!
So my story starts last Friday night, after an EVOLVE awakening event. I had a dream about fire. The smoke from this fire was dark and grey and covered a large amount of a city off in the distance. It was definitely coming our way! I said a short prayer before turning away from the window and then I headed back to sleep.
Pure 2
When I awoke, I went back to the window and saw HUGE flames burning furiously just a few houses away from our home!


flames background


Waking up for real this time, I looked up fire in dreams, and I found a word that truly spoke to me….
…it was…


Purification Definition: 
To make pure; free from anything that debases, pollutes, adulterates,or 
contaminates: to free from foreign, extraneous, or objectionable elements: 
to free from guilt or evil. to clear or purge.
Pure 1
There was also a healing stone that I had acquired from the EVOLVE event and written on it was HOPE.
HOPE stone


HOPE was not really speaking to me so I went and looked it up, in case I was missing something. I certainly was. It was TRUST.
Pure 1
The next day back at the EVOLVE event, I had so many CLARITY (aka “AHA!” moments) and realized I had to let some things go, in my life – things I’d grown attached and or needy to. That realization had already put things in to live action, and where my attention was now flowing.
Pure 2
Two days later I’d realize how so many of those old unneeded “distractions” had already been lovingly set free. It was seriously like I HAD MOVED BOULDERS!!!


Boulders in place of what was in the way of my being available to RECEIVE. 
As soon as that space was open, I received SO MUCH INCREDIBLE INSPIRATION at INCREDIBLE SPEEDS with OCEANS of ideas that felt like they had been patiently waiting for me all along!!!
Pure 1
Alive! Present! Attention! Grateful! Inspired! Creative! Action! As Is! Doing! Awake! Aware!
Breathe. Breathe. Breathe.
Pure 2
Then…today….it rained….and that rain felt SO GOOD on me….like washing ASH from FIRE.
The Grass and ash
Below is the puzzle piece I received to write my inspired word that would be combined with others to create a beautiful puzzle wall at the Evolve 2017 event.
I am receiving again, and continuing an evolution in every moment through every experience I receive and create from my body and mind….
Inspiration was ALWAYS there-the space was just blocked for me to receive it.
THE WHO "Reign Over Me"

The Who “Reign On Me”

LM Rain

Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.
Evolve photo by Priya Agrawal Sodhi
Thank you to the following resources-
The Who
Photo of me in the rain by King Cobra Richards
Evolve puzzle photo by Priya Agrawal Sodhi

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