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Kid Chef


“I’m always looking for fun new kid friendly recipes to cook with the kids”, says Unye the Unicorn. I absolutely agree, says me!

Kid Chef Every Day-The Easy Cookbook for Foodie Kids crossed my path so, of course, I had to pick this one up!


“Hi! I’m Unye!!!”

The contents are straight to the point. Part One: Cooking Class with Your Kitchen and Everyday Kitchen Skills, followed by Breakfast, Snacks & Small Bites, Soups, Salads & Sandwiches, Main Dishes and Desserts. There is also a cool bonus in the back:  Measurement Conversions (very nice)!


Photo by Unye

Lots of great tips and easy to follow instructions for successful cooking! I also like how they include equipment icons with descriptions. Author Colleen Kennedy also goes in to cooking eco-friendly!

Here is an example, using Lesson 1. It goes into Reviewing the Basics, Chef Lingo, Measuring Skills, Organization…all super great going over with the kids, before they get in to some habits that they may have to unlearn later.


Photo’s by Unye 

Fun and playful!  Helpful hints throughout!


Photo by Unye

I also like the recipes the author chose, for this particular book. They seem to flow well together. Maybe not ALL the recipes are kid friendly for my own kids, but they certainly found this recipe to make for us…

Ravioli Lasagna.

Note: This was the only ravioli I could find at our local grocery store. Also thought we’d give this three cheese spaghetti sauce from Trader Joes a try.


Kitty approves!


A kid friendly SUCCESS!


Ravioli Lasagna photos by Unika


Fun fun! I highly recommend this cookbook for kids, especially as a gift- maybe along with an apron and a cooking tool! Enjoy!!!

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*** I received a review copy from the publisher.


Baking for Kids

My kids and I are really enjoying this one! I appreciate the straight forward good basic baking skills, basic baking ingredients….and each recipe is organized by TOOLS/EQUIPMENT then INGREDIENTS. The photos  throughout the book are fun too, giving kids a simple example of what the end result could look like!

Kitty 1

Photo by Unye

I’ve baked plenty enough on my own, and I can already tell my kids will find this a pretty easy enough baking book to follow on THEIR own, which means….

Kitty 3.jpg

Photo by Unye

We’ll definitely be using this for our home school science classes….for sure! Hey, it’s science you can eat! Woohoo!

Kitty 2

Photo by Unye

My kids favorite recipes so far: Pull apart cheese bread, Strawberry-Oatmeal Breakfast Bars, Old-Fashioned Chocolate Cake and the various individual frostings that follow…there are so many recipes for almost every mood and theme…


Photo by Unye

…even recipes absolutely perfect for serving with afternoon tea, like Thumbprint Jam Cookies, Mini Blueberry Hand Pies, Fruity Cereal Cupcakes, Brown Sugar-Pecan Scones…oh the list goes on and on..and should be for your own surprise, at this point! 😉

Definitely a keeper, this one!

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*** I received a review copy from the publisher.


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