Emperor Penguin – Behind The Curtain

By Lisa Mychols
Mychols Fabulous Playground – (MFP)

Meet Emperor Penguin! These are four fabulous friends of mine whose music I am positively and absolutely in LOVE with! The boys agreed to be interviewed by me, and so I prepared my questions to be as well thought out, and as entertaining, as they could be.

And now….I introduce you to….a peek Behind The Curtain interview with….Emperor Penguin!

🎶 MFP: First off, who are ALL the official members of Emperor Penguin and what roles do you/they have in the band?

JT: “Neil – Noddy Holder, Nigel – Dave Hill, Rich – Don Powell, JT – Jim Lea”

Nigel: “Neil – guitar, vocals, keyboards; Nigel – guitar, lead guitar, bass, vocals; Rich – drums, piano, JT – guitar, lead guitar, bass, vocals”

Neil: “Rich – drums, piano, making things shorter; JT – vocals, bass, guitar, tractor maintenance; Nigel – guitar, vocals, design, general responsibility for increasing guitar volume at all times; Neil – rubbish guitar, vocals, computer stuff”

Emperor Penguin: the original line-up, outside Alaska Studios, London, in around 1999. L-R: Nigel, Rich, Neil, Adrian.

🎶 MFP: Where did it all begin? Where and how did you all meet?

JT: “I first met Rich countless years ago in a cellar and have been irritating him ever since. He introduced me to the others.

Nigel: “Rich and I met age 14 at school and formed a covers band with his older brother. After graduation from university we shared flats in London. At this point Rich was in two bands – one with JT, and another with Neil. I was asked to join both.”

Neil: “Before the years when the oceans drank Atlantis and the gleaming cities, there was an Age undreamed of, when shining kingdoms lay spread across the world like blue mantles beneath the stars. Barnsley with its dark-haired women and towers of spider-haunted mystery, Cudworth with its shadow-guarded tombs, Aberdeen, silver city of the frozen north, whose riders wore steel and furs and gold. But the proudest kingdom of the world was London, reigning supreme in the dreaming south. Hither came the Penguins, shaggy-haired, sullen-eyed, guitars in hand, with gigantic melancholies and gigantic mirth, to tread the jewelled thrones of the Earth under their Doctor Martened feet.”


Rich: “I met Nigel at school in Yorkshire in 1977 through my brother, Vince Berkely, who knew him from the school production of Joseph and his Amazing Technicolour Dreamcoat. My brother’s mate had a drum kit but his mum wouldn’t allow drums at their house, so my brother got hold of them and made me play them.  We formed a band with Nigel, playing instrumental versions of chart hits. Few of the eight-year old schoolchildren present at our first ever gig at Stockingate Primary School would forget our version of ‘Rockin All Over The World’.


I met John from Devon in Oxford in 1981, when he joined a nerdy Wire-sort-of-band I was in (Agent Orange) that had advertised for a keyboard player. John said he didn’t have a keyboard but could play his guitar with a screwdriver, in the manner of Godley and Creme’s  Gizmo. John soon went off to found his own post-punk Magaziney/Echo and the Bunnymen-y-style band called Ears To The Ground but by the time I met him again in ’83, Ears To The Ground had developed a busking 50’s/60’s covers alter ego, called The Rockin Raja Brothers, who needed a snare drum. 

We moved to London in 84/5 and while John was kipping on a sofa in my lounge he met my flat-mate Nigel and we drafted him into the Rockin’ Rajas, as his mastery of all the Shadows hits would widen our repertoire considerably.


Meanwhile I’d met Neil at the ad agency where we both worked. He’d brought with him from the wilds of Aberdeen the remnants of a punk band called He’s Dead Jim but he had no drummer and a large bedroom with a drumkit-shaped space in it. Luckily I needed somewhere to keep my drums at the time, so in return for storage space, I joined his band called The Waltons – in our better moments a hybrid of the Flying Burrito Brothers, Crowded House and Lloyd Cole and The Commotions. As often happened, people noticed Nigel was quite a good guitarist, so we stole half of him from the Rockin Rajas and expanded The Waltons into a five-piece in 1987.

After 10 critically-acclaimed but commercially disastrous years, The Waltons (briefly The Treens) all got married and jacked it in. The Rockin’ Rajas continued to play 50s and 60s covers at weddings until even the parents of the happy couple were too old to remember any of the songs and they also ground to a halt.


In 2000, somebody had the idea of forming Emperor Penguin – a power-pop combo of Neil, Nigel, me and Adrian from the Rockin Rajas. Adrian’s brother was a tip top BBC sound engineer and snuck us into Maida Vale Studios to record several tracks which became product number 1: Crumhorn. The arrival of babies restricted Emperor Penguin’s live work to one gig at a rowdy ad agency party where the sound man was skunked to the eyeballs and I was likened by hecklers to the sitcom character Father Ted.  Adrian eventually left London for the West Country and Emperor Penguin went into hibernation, although of course penguins don’t do that, do they? Let’s say we sat on an egg.

Many years went by until someone suggested an idea which had been staring us all in the face for a long time – get John in. So in 2015, or was it 2016 we began rehearsing covers of bands we liked – Fountains of Wayne, BeBop DeLuxe, Dave Edmunds, and er The Beatles – until one day, Neil turned up with a song called Moth Meet Flame. All of a sudden no-one could stop writing great songs (except me – I don’t do that) and here we are, three albums later. A fine musical and geographical journey was had by all.”

Half Way to Havana, from the album Rum Pop Engineer (2018)

🎶 MFP: What made you all start Emperor Penguin, and is there a story behind the name?

JT: “I always wanted to be in the band, but pride made me wait until they asked me – It only took 14 years.

Neil: “We noticed that there was a shocking shortage of groups composed of four middle-aged white men playing Beatles-inspired guitar pop and thought we’d fill the gap in the market. I don’t think there’s a story behind the name but many other names were considered and rejected, including: Fishy Wishy; Egg the Egg; Draw My Dog; Cheesequake; Roast.”

Nigel:“The current line up is an evolution of several earlier versions with different personnel. The name also; previous names being The Waltons, The Treens and Roast before (I seem to recall) we decided that everyone loves penguins, so let’s name ourselves after the grandest sounding one.”

Century 21, from the album Rum Pop Engineer. Live at The Cavern, Liverpool, 2019.

🎶 MFP: Has Emperor Penguin continuously been active since the beginning, or was there ever a break in between?

Neil: “Emperor Penguin went into hibernation from about 2001 to 2016 after original member Adrian Long moved out of town. Like King Arthur’s knights, the remaining Penguins fell into a sleep under a mountain somewhere in Avalon, with our guitars by our sides, until the hour of Britain’s need (2017), when we returned to claim our kingdom.”

Nigel:“The initial activity began in the late 1990s with sessions that became ‘Crumhorn’. The original bassist then moved out of London, we became quite busy with our covers/function band ‘The Rajas’ and life got in the way until we picked it up again about 5 years ago.”

🎶 MFP: Do you remember when it all just clicked, and when you knew your chemistry was spot on?

Rich: “Rehearsing ‘Maid In Heaven’ and it not sounding at all bad”

JT: “When I heard the first mix of (The Theme From) Falling Tree with Nigel’s lead vocal”

Nigel: “For me it was the first time David Bash invited us to play The Cavern at the Liverpool IPO and the release of second album Rum Pop Engineer.”

🎶 MFP: Have any of you ever fought over a girl?

Nigel: “No but plenty of girls continue to fight over us. Shameful really but they’re only human.”

JT: “Not with each other.”

Neil: “I’m a lover not a fighter.”

Memoria Magdalena, from the album Soak Up The Gravy (2020)

🎶 MFP: What was the original goal you all shared for Emperor Penguin?

JT: “To sound like the missing link between the Ramones and XTC produced by John Barry.”

Neil:“To reach the toppermost of the poppermost. Still working on it.”

Nigel:“To combine our shared influences, see how far we could push ourselves musically in an attempt to sound like no one else.”

🎶 MFP: Hardest lesson you learned as a musician would be…?

Nigel: “Putting new strings on your guitars is never fun until you hear them.”

Neil:“The location of ‘F’.”

JT: “Your hands are important, be careful with power tools in the days before a gig.”

🎶 MFP: Have you ever shown up to a gig accidentally wearing the same exact thing?

Nigel: “No but we all have secret tattoos of Partridge Family-era Shirley Jones, but will never reveal where they are.”

Neil: “There is very little sartorial variety amongst Emperor Penguin. At most gigs it’s entirely likely that most of us will be dressed in a uniformly dowdy and drab manner.”

Rich: “When we were in the Rockin Raja Brothers we were supposed to do this on purpose, but usually someone would forget that the dress code this week was black shirts and turn up in a white on.”


🎶 MFP: What is the weirdest gig you have ever had?

Neil: “That time we supported The Wombles.”

JT: “Three members of the band once played at a Christmas party in bear costumes…

Rich: “In the goods van of a train (a la Beatles “Should’ve Known Better”/Hard Day’s Night) with the Rockin Raja Brothers”

Nigel: “A rooftop gig at Kensington Gardens in London, where halfway through our set they announced the Casino was open in the next room. Virtually the entire audience disappeared in seconds.”

🎶 MFP: What is the coolest thing you have ever bought using money you made from music?

Nigel: My new Korg midi keyboard – just arrived a few days ago. But that was bought with wages from my day job as a coal miner. Not sure we’ve made any money from music. Yet.”

JT: “Beer.”

Neil: “A plectrum.”

Rich: “Money made from music…?”

‘We’re a garage band…’

🎶 MFP: When writing lyrics or music parts does it feel more strategic or is it more based on instant inspiration? (Or is it a little of both?)

Nigel: “Personally I have to have a musical or lyrical idea buzzing around my head for quite a while before I pick up an instrument. Once I do, it’s usually a quick process to get an entire song down.”

JT: “The best bits start like the ghosts of ideas that you half-see out of the corner of your eye when looking for something else.”

Katie’s Only Trending, from the album Soak Up the Gravy (2020)

🎶 MFP: Who was your musical hero when you were a kid? 

JT: “Mike Nesmith”

Neil: “Abba.”

Nigel: “Hank B. Marvin and Bert Weedon in equal measure.”

Rich: “Tough choice……Gerry Shepherd from the Glitter Band or Roy Wood from Wizzard or Les Gray from Mud, or Alan Williams from the Rubettes.”

🎶 MFP: Is there another instrument you wish you had learned?

Rich: “Drums”

Neil: “Piano”

JT: “Bagpipes”

Nigel: “Drums. But you need both sides of the brain to work in harmony for that. Both sides of my brain argue constantly.”

Hangar 9, from the album Rum Pop Engineer (2021)

🎶 MFP: What do you wish to accomplish in Emperor Penguin that you feel you have not accomplished yet?

Nigel: “Play live at Glastonbury. That may actually be a possibility next year…”

Neil: “Jazz”

JT: “Record one song that is 10% as good as anything on Revolver.”

Rich: “Over 1000 listens of any song on Spotify.”

The Burning Man, from the album Soak Up The Gravy (2020)

🎶 MFP: What is your favorite Emperor Penguin song and why?

JT: “At the moment, The Way the Cookie Crumbles – great concept, a joint effort with everyone playing at the top of their game.”

Neil: “It’s usually any song that I haven’t listened to for a while. And it randomly comes up in a playlist or on something I’m listening to, and I think , ‘This is good. Who is it? Oh, it’s us.’ That’s a good feeling.”

Rich: “Only Love  – very simple, good tune, good lyrics, good fun to play live.”

Nigel: “Usually the most recent ones are favourites. If I had to pick one overall for the band I’d say Jensen Interceptor. One written by me I’d go for Tuesday’s World.”

🎶 MFP: What do like to write most about when it comes to lyrics and why?

Neil: “Medieval catholic saints, outer space, time travel, British foreign policy during the second world war – just the everyday, universal themes that really matter to people today.”

Nigel: “Anything goes for me apart from straightforward boy/girl songs. If we do stray into that territory it has to have a lyrical twist to make it something more interesting other than just ‘ooh baby I want you back…”

JT: “Unlikely or forgotten heroes; films and obscure TV series; idiots; flying saucers; beautiful places, people and things.”

🎶 MFP: To you, what is the BEST part about being a DIY artist or band? What is the worst part?

Neil: “Best: we can do whatever we like. Worst: we can do whatever we like

JT: “Having to please absolutely no-one except occasionally the other band members.”

Rich: “Best part is I can make the drums sound a lot better than they would be if I had to play in real time.”

Nigel: “Best part; complete freedom to write and play what we like. If anyone else likes it too, that’s brilliant. Worst part; don’t think I’ve ever had a long enough soundcheck playing live. Ever.”

Little Green Worm from the new album Corporation Pop!

🎶 MFP: You’ve released a few EP’s and made some of your music available as free downloads. What was the purpose of giving your music away for free?

Nigel: “Particularly with the Covid restrictions of last year (we haven’t physically seen each other since last February) we wanted to keep engaging with our audience regularly. Otherwise they’ll forget about you.”

Neil: Spreading joy to the kids of the world.”

JT: “To get someone else to listen.”

Album Cover GIF - Find & Share on GIPHY

🎶 MFP: Your new album logo (that I’ve been seeing on your social media pages) is SO COOL! IT MOVES!

Nigel: Thanks a lot! We just wanted something eye-catching… pleased it caught yours!

🎶 MFP: Your new release, Corporation Pop! Can you share with our readers more about this album?

JT: “It’s full of useful advice, poignant nostalgia, sarcasm spite and fun.

Neil:“It’s pretty good, I reckon.”

Nigel:“This is a kind of compilation of last year’s three 4 track EPs but including previously unreleased tracks. We’ve also been collaborating with other artists more so than previous album releases, which has been a lot of fun!”

🔴 🟠 🟡 🟢 🔵 🟣🔴 🟠 🟡 🟢 🔵 🟣🔴 🟠 🟡 🟢 🔵 🟣


🟠 MFP: The beach or the woods?

JT: The sheltering pines just inland from the beach

Neil: The city

Nigel: A log cabin on the edge of the woods with a view of the sea beyond

Rich: The woods

😋 MFP: I’m ordering pizza with Emperor Penguin. What toppings am I going to ask for? 

Rich: Artichoke, anchovy and black olives

Nigel: Lobster Thermidor

Neil: No pineapple. No fruit ever on a pizza

JT: Spinach

🟢 MFP: Favorite late night snack after a gig?

JT: Peanuts (salted)

Rich: Doner Kebab

Nigel: Tempura King Prawns, sweet and sour sauce dip.

Neil: Bacon sandwich

🟣 MFP: When you are not playing music, what might we find you doing instead? 

Nigel: Doing my bit to ensure Donald Trump is never allowed to run for office again

Neil: Reading a book

JT: Repairing guitars and riding a motorcycle (Not at the same time)

Rich: Making a 1/24 scale model of a Messerschmitt BF109e

🟡 MFP: Most emotional song of all time for you would be?

Neil: Who Knows Where The Time Goes – Fairport Convention

 Don’t Worry Baby – Beach Boys

JT: Some Fantastic Place – Squeeze

Rich: Harvest Festival – XTC

🔴 MFP: If you could make a music mixtape for someone you were trying hard to impress, what would FIVE of those songs be?

Rich: Alfie – Dionne Warwick; Hounds of Love – Kate Bush; A Case Of You – Joni Mitchell;This Boy – The Beatles; Are You Ready To Rock? – Wizzard

Nigel: Jump Rope Gazers – The Beths; Queen Of My School – Lemon Twigs; 20 Seconds – The Real People; Helter Skelter – The Beatles; Season Cycle – XTC

Neil: The Fall – Jawbone and the Air Rifle;  Gang of Four – I Found That Essence Rare; Captain Beefheart – Frownland;  Neu! – Hallo Gallo; Material (Feat. William Burroughs) – Words of Advice

JT: To Sir With Love – Lulu; My Favourite Things – John Coltrane; The Ballad of Peter Pumpkinhead – XTC; It Might As Well Rain Until September – Carole King; Gone Shooting – AC/DC

🟢 MFP: What is currently being played on your car stereo? (CD…radio station…)

JT: Symphony No. 40 in G Minor – Mozart

Neil: No car. You don’t need a car in London.

Rich: All Quiet On The Noise Floor – Jason Falkner

Nigel: There Is No Light Without The Dark – The Stan Laurels

🔵 MFP: Name a song you are super embarrassed to admit you actually really  like! 

Rich: We Will – Gilbert O’Sullivan

JT: There are others who think I should be embarrassed for liking ‘When You’re Gone’ by Bryan Adams and Mel C. but I’m not.

Nigel: Xanadu – Rush (A Farewell To Kings). Like JT, everyone seems to be embarrassed by this except me. 

Neil: The Osmonds – Crazy Horses

🟡 MFP: Have you ever worn stage makeup like eyeliner / lipstick, etc to a gig?

Neil: Back in the glam/punk days I used to wear eyeliner every time I left the house, never mind just for gigs.

JT: Yes.

Rich: A flesh-coloured rubber cone head wig. Everyone else was supposed to wear one but didn’t.

Nigel: Approach me with either and I won’t be responsible for my actions.

🟠 MFP: If I came to come visit you, where would you take me? 

Rich: The Operating Theatre Museum, London Bridge

JT: Bodiam Castle.

Nigel: There’s a chinese restaurant in Scotland somewhere; apparently superb good food and the only one in a radius of 70 miles. It’s called Bon Appetit!

Neil: The pub! And Tate Modern art gallery

🟣 MFP: What dream concert would you LOVE to see this year? 

Neil: I’d like to see the Velvet Underground at Max’s Kansas City in 1969.

JT: An XTC reunion.

Rich: XTC.

Nigel: XTC. XTC. XTC!

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Check out Emperor Penguin’s latest 2022 release Sunday Carvery

Sunday Carvery on Bandcamp UK at EmperorPenguin/Bandcamp

Also available in the USA at Kool Kat Musik – Emperor Penguin Sunday Carvery


***Just want to add a quick THANK YOU to Neil Christie of Emperor Penguin for helping me with some of the more technical additions in our interview! ❤️❤️❤️ -Lisa


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The Seven and Six are….
Lisa Mychols as Elsie Six (Bass/Vocals), Tommy Seven (Guitar/Vocals), and Mike John Altier (Drums/Vocals) 



ep#1 by The Seven and Six / Artwork by Nigel Patrick Winfield

ep#1 is The Seven and Six’s brand new 4 song collection (Produced by Tommy Seven of The Seven and Six), can be streamed from just about anywhere including Spotify!
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Euphora ep by Kai Danzberg

Kai Danzberg’s “The Day”
-A duet by Kai Danzberg & Lisa Mychols!!!
Big Stir Records…Plus Futureman Records recording artist Kai Danzberg has released Euphoria, an ep that includes Kai and Lisa’s 2nd duet together.
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Also available AmazonDigital/Euphoria
Did you miss the first duet by Kai and Lisa?
Check it out! “Just Let Me Know”,  was part of Kai’s 2018 album Not Only Sunshine.
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Emperor Penguin Features Lisa Mychols on “Keep Wasting My Time”
“Keep Wasting My Time can be heard on the Emperor Penguin’s 2018 album Walnut Fascia.
Walnut Fascia by Emperor Penguin is available on Bandcamp at:
Lisa Mychols is currently back in the studio working on a new song with Emperor Penguin for their next album release. Also a side note, Nigel from Emperor Penguin, did both the logo and ep artwork for The Seven and Six!!! 
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“I’ll leave you with your Beatles, I’m takin’ back my Rolling Stones!”


Super 8 Featuring Paul Ryan (Trip) and Lisa Mychols
Trip (Paul Ryan) and Lisa Mychols got together for the first time to work on a fun single called, “Timebomb”!!!
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Lisa Mychols is back in the studio with Steve Refling and The Shondikes!!!
Lisa Mychols also sang with The Shondikes for their 2015 album, Psychotic Make Out Music
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Everything’s Coming Up Rose, Tim Rose

Tim Rose is a musician and friend whom I met back in the mid/late nineties while his band, The Sun Sawed In 1/2, were in Los Angeles, CA playing a show.  Tim and I bonded right off the bat!

This interview is a spotlight on Tim Rose and his life in music with The Sun Sawed In 1/2, his personal thoughts on being a musician in our time, and, well…. a little bit more.

Thanks so much for reading!!!


Sun tim



MFP: So Tim, I’d LOVE to start off with when you first got into music and what really inspired you at that time. 

Tim: When I was in 7th grade I was really into KISS. They were the coolest band I had ever heard; we all wanted to own everything they produced from the records to joining the KISS army. My brother and I got together with neighborhood kids and made fake guitars and put on shows for the neighbors as we lip-synched. It was, however, my grandmother who insisted on buying me some “decent” music to listen to instead of this “clown” music. She bought me the Beatles red greatest hits album. It changed my life.

Sun said

VIDEO for Rio: Watch here!

MFP: I saw one of your childhood films and you were like, in 8th grade. What was that all about? 

Tim: Our friend, Andy decided to make a documentary on super 8 of our first band, Rio. We loosely based it on the history of the Beatles. I was a cinemaphile since my early childhood owing to my mom taking me along to the movies to see adult themed movies she wanted to see instead of getting a sitter. I always dreamt of being a filmmaker. Recently, with the Adobe suite, I have been able to make my own videos and edit them.

Sun 5

MFP: Nice! Does that include you creating your own music videos, as well? If so, where can our readers see your work?

TIM: My music video for our song, “Elephants into Swans” is available, as well as my work with the non-profit, The Answers Project (set up to preserve indigenous tribes around the world) also viewable on youtube.com.


“Elephants Into Swans” Music Video WATCH HERE

Answers Project

The Answers Project video: WATCH HERE

MFP: You are also another kind of creative! You did the artwork for the album Hula by Nushu (a band I was in 😍). What other music albums have you done artwork for? 

Tim: I can’t really remember them all. I have done all of the Sun Sawed in 1/2 albums as well as my solo album, Fresh Mowed Lawnand work for Ken Kase, The Funky Butt Brass Band, a Left Banke tribute album that we also performed on, and about a dozen others.


MFP: On top of all of that, you also design some very lovely websites! Any that you’d care to share with us here?

Tim: My personal site showcases my 20+ years of working in design and advertising. However, I’m very proud of the site for The Answers Project. This charity means so much to me as it afforded me the opportunity to travel the world and live with and interview tribal elders from Borneo to Ecuador.

Tim 3

MFP: Did, or do you take any schooling or classes to support your art and music (film, art, instruments, etc)

Tim: Yes, I graduated from The School of the Art Institute of Chicago. My father was a photographer and art director. He taught me many things. I also traveled the world with National Geographic photographers when I ran the Starbucks art program. I learned so much from them.

…and now I present to you, from St Louis, MO……



Sun 3

MFP: What got you interested in starting a band? Seems you started really young. 

Tim: My dad had a reel to reel Sony and an acoustic guitar. We used to play it with a quarter as a pick and make up songs even before we knew how to play. The 6th grade kid across the street had a drum kit. The rest happened organically.

Tim 4

MFP: Are you a self-taught musician? 

Tim: Yes. I took all the Beatles songs and put them on the reel to reel tape. Then I went to sleep with my guitar each night and figured out how to play every one of them.

Sun 4
🌞 VIDEO FOR “DENNY’S GIRL” by The Sun Sawed In 1/2 WATCH HERE!

MFP: Who are your musical heroes and why?

Tim: My primary heroes are the typical Beatles and Brian Wilson. I had the fortune of meeting Brian several times owing to my friendship with Probyn Gregory and Jeff Foskett. That was fantastic. For the guitar, Pete Townsend is my hero. I wanted to play with the same wanton energy as Pete.


MFP: What do you LOVE and NOT love about the music industry at this particular time? 

Tim: What I suppose I love is the idea that anyone can make music at home at any time. What I don’t love is the idea that most of it isn’t easy to access. Commercial pop sounds unlistenable to me for the most part. I never thought I would be nostalgic for disco, 80s hair metal or 90s hip hop. I hated those things at the time but they sound so much better than the 808 autotune rap today.


MFP: I know everyone LOVES this question but I still must ask, how did you come up with the name The Sun Sawed In 1/2?

Tim: After band practice, my brother saw a newspaper kiosk in our town of St. Louis. It was the tabloid, the Sun. The headline was “Sawed in 1/2” He said, “Now there’s a surreal name that no other band will have.”

Sun 6

MFP: Your lead singer, Doug Bobenhouse. How did you and Doug originally meet, and was he that perfect singer that you were looking for? 

Tim: Our first singer, Chip left after our first year together. Doug was a kid who had come to see us several times. I know he was eager to play with us. He took me outside and sang “Rosemary” by Lenny Kravitiz. I said, great, you’re in.

Sun 8

He had a powerful and clean pop voice. It took him awhile to get used to my writing and took him longer to get the knack of performing, but that can be said for all of us. We literally all learned together.

Sun 4

🌞 VIDEO FOR “DRAGONFLY” by The Sun Sawed In 1/2

MFP: How do you write your Music? Your lyrics? Do you have a muse? 

Tim: I get into a trance by writing for hours and pay zero attention to what I’m doing. I record all of the improv and then spend weeks digging through and culling the good parts. Then I got back as a sober editor and piece it together. The lyrics are mostly whatever I was singing stream of conscious at the time with some polishing. My muse is the inner hurricane of my own brain.




The Happiness and other short stories (1992)

Hot Feet for Monkey God (1993)

Mind Flip (1995)


Fizzy Lift (1997)

Bewilderbeest (2000)

Elephants into Swans (2013)

MFP: So aside from album releases by The Sun Sawed In 1/2…..

Tim: We did a cassette tape with Chip (The Sun Sawed In 1/2’s first singer), that shall never see the light of day. I put out a solo album Fresh Mowed Lawn which I recorded in 2004 in Vienna, Austria with jazz pros and the Vienna Symphony.

Fresh Mowed Lawn

Sun sun

🎧 click to listen


MFP: You’ve also toured with The Sun Sawed In 1/2. Is there anything you might want to share here today about lessons learned or great takeaways through your personal experiences? 

Tim: It was hard. Internally, there are the same group of guys who all have different ideas and patience. Externally, it is difficult to book, deal with club owners, do the radio interviews, party every night and perform.

Sun 2

My biggest lesson was to take care of the internal relationships more. Most bands implode from within. Only Doug, my brother and I were able to see it through all the way. We went through many drummers, keyboardists and secondary guitarists along the way. However, there is no bad blood and I am still in touch with everyone who took the time to bring our dream alive.

Tim sun

MFP: If you could go back in time with The Sun Sawed In 1/2, what would you do differently? 

Tim: Practice more and realize we were not as great as we thought we were. In our youth, we thought we were world class. We didn’t push it as hard either as musicians or as performers as we could have. I always thought the strength on my end was the songwriting. I worked very hard on writing songs I would be proud of. My guitar playing was nothing stellar. I would have also worked harder on the arrangements.


MFP: What are you currently creatively working on these days?

Tim: Doug (Bobenhouse) and I got together in July this year and played some new material at his home in Chicago. We now can work with Logic and share ideas. I also recorded Bonnie McCoy and her husband Marcus. I co-wrote three songs with them that are totally different from the power pop of the Sun. Bonnie is the great grandniece of Memphis Minnie. She is a legendary blues singer.

Over, Under, Sideways, Down!

MFP: What new and/or old music are you listening to these days? 

Tim: The new bands I like tend to sound either a lot like bands I liked in my childhood or bands that are totally crazy. I’m digging Babymetal, Lucius, The Staves, The Struts, Foxygen, Fleet Foxes, and The Lemon Twigs. I still discover new music by old bands through Spotify by digging through their deep catalogs. Lately, I’ve been into The Stylistics, Carole King, Pilot, and the Zombies.

MFP: What is the strangest record/cd in your music collection that might leave your friends scratching their heads about? 

Tim: Possibly Babymetal. I also have a thing for Crystal Gayle.

MFP: What are your other talents (cooking, woodworking, fixing cars, knowing stuff, etc…)

Tim: After living in Italy for four years, cooking has been a passion. I also like filmmaking, art direction, and especially travel. I’ve been to 39 countries and have a laundry list of more I can’t wait to explore.

MFP: Nice! So what is your favorite food to make?

Tim: I love making quality Northern Italian food such as risotto, farinata, gnocchi, and pumpkin-filled pastas.

MFP: Mmmm…I’ll be right over!!! (haha) So what feeds your Spirit? What revitalizes you?

Tim: Meeting people from other cultures and learning what feeds their spirit. Learning something new every day.

MFP: FABULOUS! One last question before I let you go: What advice would you give a young musician today?

Tim: I would say, sadly, the same thing that was told to me by my elders, make sure you have a backup plan. Make music for yourself and be happy with what you do. If someone else digs it, great. But make the music for your own soul foremost.

MFP: Beautiful, Tim. Thank you so much! 🧡🧡🧡

Timothy Rose Creative Direction Website

Tim is a Creative Director and runs a consulting business where he helps to build and champion brands. Visit Timroseltd.com to find out more. 

To my blog readers and followers,

***Thank YOU for taking the time in reading our lovingly co-created content. I’m always excited to peek in to the minds of other creatives and to share it with others. PLEASE feel free to leave comments or questions at ANY time below!

Love Love Love,

Lisa Mychols
Mychols Fabulous Playground



Timothy Rose Creative Direction Wesbite

The Sun Sawed in 1/2 Bandcamp Page

The Sun Sawed in 1/2 Facebook Page


“Elephants into Swans” MUSIC VIDEO

“Denny’s Girl” MUSIC VIDEO

“Dragonfly” MUSIC VIDEO

“Sleepwalker” MUSIC VIDEO

“She Offers Her Heart” MUSIC VIDEO

“You’re The Something” MUSIC VIDEO

“Starting To See” MUSIC VIDEO
(Lisa Mychols makes a special appearance!)



“Kiss Her Like You Mean It” (LIVE) MUSIC VIDEO

“Tops Of Trees” (LIVE) MUSIC VIDEO

“Dashboard Christopher” (LIVE) MUSIC VIDEO





***Photos used by permission

Summer Is All Set With Sir SparkleJet: An Interview with Michael Simmons

So while jogging on the beach somewhere in Orange County, I happened to run right into power pop music wonder Michael Simmons! ….Okay, so maybe I wasn’t jogging…or even in Orange County….or on any beach…but I DID run into him…and then THIS happened!

Me (MFP): “Hey Mike! You up for an interview on your new record?” Mike: “Sure! Why not?” Now here it is!

So, Michael. What called you into the world of music to begin with?

Michael Simmons
I’d been begging for 45’s since I could walk.  I remember using my record player in the bedroom of my first house, and we moved away from there when I was three and a half.  I remember writing songs as a kid, mostly about girls I liked, and started really trying to record stuff at 14. I didn’t get any good at this stuff until my 30’s, but I got into it because I liked records, and I wanted to make my own. Playing live was never a goal, or even writing, it’s just that you need those skills for recording.

What was the music that originally inspired you to begin with?

Michael Simmons
I dunno… just think of early Elton John

MS 4

Cool! So…I’ve always wondered, are you a self-taught musician? Also, what instruments do you play?

Michael Simmons
My mom made me do piano lessons for five years.  I may have gotten one good year out of that because I didn’t like practicing. Once she let me quit I figured things out on my own and started enjoying it.  Then I got into drumming and did that in high school. Eventually I needed to learn guitar and figured that out on my own when I was about 22.

First Days of Summer Documentary!!!

If you could sum up music in only one word, what word would that be for you?

Michael Simmons
Inspired.  I think God gives us music, or we tap into it. The greatness of the final song might just depend on how much the human has mis-filtered or misunderstood the great celestial download.

How poetic! Now…(ahem)…what is one album (or CD) in your music collection that would shock your friends and fans?

Michael Simmons
I have all the CD’s by Consolidated.  Any of those would work.

I LOVE this-it’s AMAZING!!!

What inspires you musically these days?

Michael Simmons
Wurlitzer electric pianos and sex.  Some things never change.

What is it you passionately feel you have still yet to accomplish musically?

Michael Simmons
I’d like to write something in a minor key.  I’d also like to come up with some chord changes that are really shocking and cool.  I’m working on that, but it’s still a little forced I think.

As far as music outside of your own, do you feel yourself currently being influenced by other people’s music? Do you still listen to new music…or heck, even old music?

Michael Simmons
I buy music voraciously, old and new, but I don’t have much time to listen to it.  The work I do now requires my full attention, and I can’t put music on in the background ever.  I’m also way too distracted to just to sit and listen, so it’s difficult for me. But there is always great new music.  Like most people my age I’m appreciating AOR (Adult oriented rock) in ways I never expected to.

What other styles/genres of music do you like/listen to?

Michael Simmons
Genres are lame.


How many musical projects are you currently involved in and what are your plans for each one?

Michael Simmons
I don’t have time to plan anything really, other than I’d like to do it.  There’s still an old sparkle*jets u.k. Album from 2004 that was a couple songs from being done that I’d like to see completed.  I’ve talked with Yorktown Lads about doing more stuff maybe this summer, so we’ll see.

What inspired (or motivated) you to finally do a solo record?

Michael Simmons
Well, I don’t write much, but I had to write a couple new things when the Yorktown Lads project happened, and that blew the cobwebs off a bit. Right after that I had a couple new tunes, maybe one per year, and I had an itch to do my own LP, I just needed songs,  As of last summer I still only had one ‘side’ worth and my friend Jeff Charroux challenged me to get the 2nd side written so I knocked it out in about a week and a half.

MS 3

If you could go back in time (in your musical career), what would you do differently?

Michael Simmons
Oh gosh, I dunno.  Everything, probably.  I should have hired a fitness trainer and a fashion consultant, that’s for damn sure.  I’m happy with the stuff I’ve made, and the people I made it with. They are all my family.

Are there any live shows planned?

Michael Simmons
Well, IPO is penciled in, but I don’t know what that will mean exactly.  Big Stir is trying to get me off the couch too, God bless ‘em. I had no intention of playing this music live and I’m not sure I even can.  Now that it’s out there i’m excited about it but nervous too. If I bother to do it I sure hope people come to see it at least. If there are only 3 people in the room I’m done.  haha!

Besides for your own music, what is your involvement with these school kids I keep seeing pictures of? What is the program all about? How did you get involved in it and…..

Michael Simmons
Well, Jamie from SJ*UK got into teaching back in the early 2000’s and we worked together building a pop music program at a performing arts high school.  We saw it as an alternative to kids only having marching band, orchestra, or choir as their musical choices in school. So we pioneered that in a big way, and now there are lots of other people doing similar things but ours is pretty epic.  Now I teach full time and we’ve integrated my skills of audio and video engineering into the situation, so we are a giant rock & roll / TV production studio. Every year our students leave here and get the jobs you and I only dreamed about.


HaHa! Check out these kids and their reactions!!!

What is it YOU get most out of music? (what you create and what you listen to?)

Michael Simmons
Melody is paramount for me, followed by harmony probably.  I love a good singer and a great guitar tone. Loud drums. I’m more into that stuff than lyrics, but you can’t beat a good lyric.  I love nothing more than hearing a great recording cranked up. I also love doing covers and trying to recreate the tiny little details that I love most in the original.  I get lots of heat for that from some folks, but I don’t care. I don’t record covers for them, I do it for myself. The original records are for everyone.

What music/bands/artists are you really into right now?

Michael Simmons
The big new-ish records for me right now are Dan Auerbach ‘Waiting on a Song’, Linus of Hollywood ‘Cabin Life’, and the new Sloan of course.  Last year I was freaking out about Field Music’s ‘Commontime’ and Sloan’s ‘Commonwealth’, both amazing and perfect. Before that I got really into an old late 90’s pop band called Daryll-Ann.


Sparkle*Jets U.K.

How did you originally meet Susan West and Jamie Knight and  form Sparkle*Jets UK?

Michael Simmons
We were playing the same open-mic show at this place called the Winged Heart in Fullerton CA.  Must have been 1995 or thereabouts. Maybe 1994. Apparently I got up on stage with them or they with me (can’t remember) and we played ‘solitary man’.  I didn’t know them at all, and formally met them much later. I was in another band and so were they but we combined three bands together, Fleetwood Mac style, and added some of my songs, which nobody had ever let me do before.  When the dust settled we became sparkle*jets, then sparkle*jets u.k., the pop guys found us, and that was that.

If you weren’t in the music world, what do you think you’d be doing instead?

Michael Simmons
I’m not sure I am in the music world, am I?  I’m in the fringes of education, doing music. With any other job music would have been a sideline, so at least here I can dabble in it while I’m on the clock.  I spent many years helping other people get their music together, but now I get paid for it. I like helping guide the kids and showing them good music.

What other special “surprise!” talents do you you have besides being a musician, songwriter, producer, engineer and teacher?

Michael Simmons
Most of the work I’ve done in life is graphic design.  I’m not ‘trained’ and all the folks I know who are, totally kick my ass at it, but I’ve been able to subsidize my income with it somehow.


Mac or PC?

Michael Simmons
I was very anti-mac until I had to really use them every day about 10 years ago.  I’ve grown to love them and I can’t imagine dealing with Windows now. Yuck.

Most influential album of all time for you is…

Michael Simmons
I cannot possibly imagine.

Greatest concert you’ve ever attended is….

Michael Simmons
My go-to answer is Urge Overkill at the Hollywood Palace in 1993.  But I’ve seen too many amazing shows to count. Make sure to see Neil Finn or the Zombies if you haven’t yet.  And Sloan.

Favorite restaurant in O.C…Long Beach…Los Angeles that you would recommend to friends and out-of-towners (like those playing at International Pop Overthrow)….

Michael Simmons
Steak & Stein in Pico Rivera.  Still the best meal on the planet.

Do you follow sports at all? Which ones?

Michael Simmons 
Sportsball?  I like battle bots.  I love the winter olympics, but that’s about it.

Favorite place to live if you could live ANYWHERE in the world?

Michael Simmons
Liverpool if the weather wasn’t so shite. It’s my happy place for 100 reasons.   I also think I would really dig Maui. I could hang w/ Michael McCartney all the time.  Hell, I just might do it.

Favorite vacation spot and WHY?

Michael Simmons
Didn’t I just answer that?

Hobbies outside of music are….

Michael Simmons
Didn’t we just discuss that too?  I’m into vinyl LP’s, Model Railroads, Tall Ships, Dogs, Bikes.

Okay Okay….
Oh, hey….I recently heard you were looking for a new musical name (being there is another musical artist named Mike Simmons out there). Are you thinking about changing your name because of this?

Michael Simmons
Hell no.  People need to READ when scrolling through facebook.  I’m not changing my name. It’s not my fault I have one of the most common names in the world (that doesn’t SEEM common, but it is!).  There are dozens of people with my name doing music or similar things. Just recently someone with my name was doing a gig on the same bill with some former students of mine and it caused a bit of confusion.  I got invited to actually play with them so I could technically play the gig but I’ll probably be too busy to get down to the Echo.

Blondes, Redheads or Brunettes?

Michael Simmons
Yes please.  Seriously though, I think I’ve made this rather clear to you many times in the past.  The darker the better typically. But I love it all. Girls of any age are the joy of life.

The way to Michael Simmons heart is…

Michael Simmons 
Gotta love the Beatles.  They have to be number one, or we just can’t be.

What NO ONE knows about you is…

Michael Simmons
Actually, I’m about the most open person you’ll ever meet, on most topics.  I’m a huge fan of yours, but that’s no secret.

Aweeeee, Thanks Michael!

…and thank you for your time, Sir Sparklejet aka Michael Simmons!!!

For the rest of you, THANK YOU so much for reading!!! PLEASE feel free to leave comments below and then we’ll race each other back to the ocean!!! Weee!

Happy First Days of Summer, Everyone-XO!!!

MS 1


Crab Apple

Crab Apple Records Logo


***ALL PHOTOS either stolen off the internet, or discreetly “borrowed” from Michael Simmons personal FB page (shhhhhh). 😉 


Michael Simmons’ Music Is Available At: https://michaelsimmons.bandcamp.com/

…and Kool Kat Music KoolKatMusic/MichaelSimmons

Michael Simmons Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/sirsparklejet/

Michael Simmons’ MUSIC Videos: https://www.youtube.com/user/sirsparklejet

DOCUMENTARY for First Days of Summer: FirstDaysofSummerDocumentary

SJ*UK Facebook Page: Facebook/SparkleJetsUK

SJ*UK Website: SparkleJetsUK.com 

*** IPO Music Festival: International Pop Overthrow Festival 

MS 1st

What R. Stevie Moore said!

How well do YOU know R. Stevie Moore? Please-let me know in the comments!

R. Stevie Moore agreed to give a quick interview so I could not only get to know him a little bit better, but so I could also help spread the word to our planet’s musical ears and show off this man’s musical artistry and creativity….along with some personal thoughts on his current life and career.

I’m so excited-so here we go!

R. Stevie Moore “Pop Music”

RSM Puppets

Click to Watch!!!

MFP: Hello, R. Stevie Moore, and thank you for taking the time for this interview! I’ll start with this: When you first began creating music, what was your initial intention as you were bringing your music in to the world? What was driving you?

*R. Stevie Moore: Aaaaaaaaaaaaas is often the common answer to this question, no no no there was never any intention! The only intention is to let out the creative musical energy from within. where it lands is irrelevant, but …. it has GOT TO COME OUT. Pressure valve. That is what was driving me. art is not a plan, art is exhaled.

MFP: I’ve ALWAYS wanted to ask you this….are you a self taught musician?

*R. Stevie Moore: Yes, generally so. however, conversely, I inherited the genes of a very intense musical father. Never forget. Not sure who Id’ve been without that in my DNA.


WATCH R. Stevie Moore Discusses The Meaning Of Life +1

MFP: Even after being known for releasing over 400 albums of music, do you feel there is still more you have yet to accomplish?

*R. Stevie Moore: Pride. Never of one single part, but of the gigantic whole. and sadly, no, i don’t feel there’s much else to accomplish. I’ve absolutely surrendered to old age fatigue and lazy loss of any firm direction; there will never again be well-thought-out song composition, and/or smartly grounded full-length album assembly. My pop sense is in chaos.

MFP: It seems, at least to me, that social media has been a great tool for many artists and musicians, do you feel satisfied with your current connection with your fans and audiences?

*R. Stevie Moore: Somewhat satisfied. it’s a slippery slope. Wires connecting me to global people, is it good? shall i cut the ties that bind? Vulnerability bites.

Rare physical CD’s and Vinyl by R. Stevie Moore 


MFP: As I’ve read up on you, I’ve noticed that you tend to be introduced in names like “Mr. Lo-Fi Legend”, “Grandfather of DIY music”. What would you prefer to be known by?

*R. Stevie Moore: Just name tags, come on. Matters not.

MFP: You’ve gained a LOT of respect and admiration from well known and respected artists and musician’s. Even so, has “the road” through your musical journey been a satisfying and/or good ride for you?

*R. Stevie Moore: Oh no. Decades of struggle.////

MFP: As far as the music/record industry as we once knew it, meaning when music was pretty much controlled by major industrial forces, do you feel you could have actually thrived in it, knowing what you know now?

*R. Stevie Moore: No way.



MFP: I once read this quoted from you and it felt really good to my spirit, “It’s about songcraft, diverse music creativity, talent, intolerance for mediocrity…”. I LOVE this!

What is the greatest experience that music has ever given you? Examples would be, like being inspired by a moment or a muse, the freedom that comes with creation, the music after it’s created and the feelings that come with it, and so on.

*R. Stevie Moore: Too many to mention AND I rarely rank favorites/greatests. All or nothing at all.

RSM Tapes

WATCH: R. Stevie Moore documentary TAPE TO DISC

MFP: Do you feel that you came to this planet at the right time? That you really did come here to do what you were supposed to do -and at this particular time? Like, maybe your calling was to bring something very specific. Very particular and very unique to those of us also here at the same time?

*R. Stevie Moore: Who knows!


Ku Klux Glam
Ariel Pink and R. Stevie Moore
Released February 12, 2012….

R. Stevie Moore and Jason Falkner
Released March 10, 2017….

Do you feel that the momentum of Make It Be is still going pretty strong? (why or why not?)

*R. Stevie Moore: 6 months since release date, it had a quick buzz then vanished. very very saddened it acquired no legs. got some nice reviews, but basically tanked? idk


LISTEN: R. Stevie Moore interview about this 5- year in the making release of Make It Be.

MFP: What happened with the compilation record where a bunch of artists were covering your music?

*R. Stevie Moore: Not a compilation record, per se,,,,, an online project (still ongoing), 10+ volumes by now, all on bandcamp.

MFP: Do you have any plans or dreams of collaborating with any other artists and musician’s in the near future?

*R. Stevie Moore: Plans. Dreams. 2 different animules. i wish i wish i wish.


MFP: I’ve recently heard through the grapevine that there is a documentary about to come out about you. Do you have the status of this documentary?

*R. Stevie Moore: The new documentary is called COOL DADDIO: THE SECOND YOUTH OF RSM, directed by Imogen Putler & Monika Baran (UK). Still in production & desperate for further funding. dying for it to be stillborn! No clue to project its expected unveiling. 2019?

I am a genius


MFP: When you are not creating music, what currently inspires your soul energy?

*R. Stevie Moore: I do not really spend time creating new music anymore! I archive my life’s work + self-promote online. Hard working man.

MFP: I’ve heard that at this time you will not be touring. Have you given any thoughts to maybe doing live shows from your home?

*R. Stevie Moore: Not sure.

MFP: What do you feel your ultimate life mission here is?

*R. Stevie Moore: Mission accomplished. taped my life, push play.

RSM Casette club


***To follow R. Stevie Moore and his UPCOMING SHOWS & HAPPENING’S, please visit R.StevieMooreNewsPage!

MFP: Thank you to the inspiring eclectic sound painter R. Stevie Moore for sharing his time with me today! I am so grateful to have found your music!

Remember, I encourage comments! Let me know what you thought of our interview today or just share your own thoughts. Thank YOU!

RSM Lego


R. Stevie Moore Bandcamp Page

R. Stevie Moore WEBSITE 

RStevieMoore Vinyl & CD page

NEW RSM Page for 2021


“Pop Music” by R. Stevie Moore 

R. Stevie Moore Discusses The Meaning Of Life + 1

R. Stevie Moore – Tape To Disc Documentary

I’m A Genius (And There’s Nothing You Can Do About It)

Cool Daddio – The Second Youth of R. Stevie Moore Facebook page

Colliding Circles.jpg

The Musical Garden of Adam

Pretty HAPPY is how I felt when Adam said YES to doing an interview with me!

I met Adam some years ago through music. He even adopted a real live monkey for me on my birthday, one year! (Species Adoptions). He seems to be another one of those friends of mine who has his hands in many different projects so….

let’s just dive in to the musical garden …..of Adam! (Applause!)


LM: As far as Pop Garden Radio Compilation projects go, how many compilations have you put out so far? 

ADAM: I have released a total of 7 compilations so far.

Four in the Rock on the Road series, two Rick Nelson tributes… 

…and one Christmas collection. 

LM: What is the latest musical compilation you are now working on? 

ADAM: When the Rick Nelson tributes were released I wanted to jump right into a new project that would bring in new artists that were not necessarily Rick Nelson fans. I’ve always been a Creedence Clearwater Revival fan, and from discussions with several artists, it was clear that I was not alone. I started the CCR tribute in 2014 but due to some real-life delays I had to put it aside for a while. I started the ball rolling again in January 2017, aiming for an October 2017 release. It is called Commotion: A Tribute to Creedence Clearwater Revival.

LM: Are you working with a label or are you putting this out yourself?

ADAM: As with all of my releases I will be self-releasing this project. That said, I’m not doing it all by myself. Several of the artists are helping me promote it. I have a good group of people helping me out this time around.

LM: Have the compilations you’ve put out before done what you wanted them to do? Why? or Why not? 

ADAM: They have, yes. I mean, I’m not taking on any of these projects to make money. It’s about getting the music out there for people to enjoy. For some artists it’s the opportunity to be on a published CD and being heard by a whole new audience. Similar to what I do each week with Pop Garden Radio, the CDs share the great indie artists for all to hear and enjoy.

LM: What are you hoping this latest CCR compilation will do and what might YOU do differently this time? (if anything)

ADAM: I’ve learned a lesson in the past that these projects take time and should not be rushed. I also now know that it’s OK to accept help from others. It’s a group effort, under the Pop Garden Radio Presents banner. I want the CCR disc to reach a wider audience this time around. The artists are all excited about it and I am certain that people will really dig what we have done


LM: What fuels the passion behind PGR Radio? 

ADAM: Since the beginning, back in 2005, I have thought of the show as me in my living room, hanging out with friends, sharing the songs that I am into. The show still has that same feel as it did way back when I first loved music. I grew up around Country Music, and musicians. It’s always been in my life. I can remember listening to my Dad playing guitar all night and how much I loved every second of that.

By having many friends who are musicians and artists, I get the privilege and joy of sharing their music with the listening audience. It’s an honor, really. It will always touch my heart when I get to air new music on the show. Very recently an artist from L.A. was visiting Miami, FL, which is about 3 hours from me. She drove all the way up from Miami to be interviewed and to play a few songs and head right back to Miami. It blows my mind that someone would do that just for the show.

LM: Is there an online “live” chat available during your shows that we can share with out readers? 

ADAM: There isn’t one any longer, no. The audience can always listen live at http://www.1510wmel.com and at http://www.popgardenradio.com . Archived shows are available on the Pop Garden Radio page as well.

LM: COOL!!!! Do you play only current music or a mixture of old AND new music? (and the reason behind the music you CHOOSE to play)

ADAM: It’s a mix of old, new, classic, comedy and off the wall stuff. An eclectic mix. I mean, were else could you hear Jethro Tull, followed by The Partridge Family and closed out with The Corner Laughers. Another would be Bread, followed by Meatloaf and closed out with another Bread song. (Think about that for a moment)

ADAM: I chose songs that feel good and move me in some way. They don’t always have to have that jangle, they just have to feel good. I’m not sure if that makes any sense at all. When a song moves me, I’ll play it.


LM: Where do you hope to be in 5 years with radio and the music you release?

ADAM: In 5 years I would be happy to still be on WMEL sharing the music that I love. Maybe I could be on the air more than just the one night a week.

LM: Do you have plans for any more PGR on the Rock on the Road festivals/shows? Why or Why not?

ADAM: My day job has changed in recent years so I haven’t had the opportunity to have another Rock on the Road show in a while. I miss it. Those shows were a lot of fun for everyone. I do get asked frequently when the next one is though. Michael Slawter (Heyday Guitars) and John Borack (Popdudes) were both a great help with those shows, and they are both still on my side.

LM: What are you most excited about in the music world right now? (bands, the music industry, upcoming festivals, an upcoming promotion on the station, upcoming projects, etc).

ADAM: Oh goodness, there seems to always be something new coming out. Each year someone new pops up. This year I’ve already been introduced to artists like Sean Solo, Irene Pena and Dieselle May and I look forward to hearing more from them.

LM: Are you currently looking for more artists and bands to play on your show? If so, where can musician’s send their music? Also, what about comedy music/artists?

ADAM: I’m always looking for new music. The contact page is at Pop Garden Radio Contact Page and my email address is popgardenradio@gmail.com. Music, comedy, spoken word, ….yep, I’m always looking for something new.

Now we step in to….

Adam Waltemire Profile


LM: You’ve done your own creative projects in the past, like Ruin the Rain (which I hear is coming soon to PGR’s Bandcamp page) along with some of your own original comedy. Any plans to do more of either in the near future? 

ADAM: I’m working on my next comedy CD right now, also slated for an October 2017 release. It is called Mullet Over. 

This comedy album will be something different from my last comedy albums. In addition to individual tracks featuring the characters that people have come to expect from me, there will be a full suite entitled Sowbelly City. Side two, if you will. The suite will feature Uncle Red Chester and his co-horts with a common plotline.

LM: …and other original music?

ADAM: I’ll have a song on the Creedence project as well. Just this week, Ruin the Rain started collaborating on new music. It’s the first time since 2005, actually. I’m very excited about that as I have really missed those guys.

LM: Who to you, is your targeted audience right now? Are you working on growing your audience? If so, what do you have in mind?

ADAM: I get asked this often. I don’t know what my target audience is. I mean, I want people with good taste in music and a sense of humor to be able to find something in the show. They could be 8 or 80, doesn’t matter to me, as long as they enjoy what I am presenting to them.

LM: Do you also listen to radio shows outside of your own?

ADAM: I listen to a lot of country music and oldies, and occasionally I will listen to the Beatles channel on XM.

LM: HOW and WHERE do YOU discover new music?

ADAM: Social media is great for this. Twitter, Facebook and Instagram are all great sources. Noisetrade is another wonderful resource. Bandcamp is a good too and you can purchase the music directly from the artist.



LM: What do LOVE to do for fun and what is your favorite way to relax?

ADAM: Walt Disney World is my oasis. It’s my escape, my relaxation time. I’ve had many conversations with artists to and from the parks. Heck, not only have I been interviewed on other radio stations from Magic Kingdom, my first telephone interview with my current job was done on the dock at Tom Sawyer Island.

NICE!!!! Thanks Adam!

And thank YOU, readers, for reading!

You can check out Adam’s radio show at:
Pop Garden Radio
AM 1510, FM 94.7, 99.9, 100.7 WMEL
Friday Nights
12:05am Eastern!


Pop Garden Radio Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/popgardenradio/
Pop Garden Radio home page http://popgardenradio.weebly.com/
Pop Garden Radio on BANDCAMP http://popgarden.bandcamp.com/
Commotion: A Tribute to CCR https://www.facebook.com/pgrccr/


*Disney World’s Magic Kingdom GALLERY of PHOTOS
*Disney World’s Magic Kingdom PDF Brochure

*The number 5 image taken from free public domain pictures.

Keith Klingensmith Matters

As I continue my journey of clarifying who my music friends are and what they do, here I present to you my friend Keith Klingensmith-musician, label guy, promoter and more! –

MFP: Hey Keith! So can you go through all the music projects that you are currently involved in and with?

KK: My main band is and always will be The Legal Matters. Our first self-titled record came out in 2014, and we followed that up late last year with “Conrad”. I love those dudes and hope to work with them until I cease to exist.



I’ve also been a part of a Facebook group called Theme Music for a handful of years, filled with loads of like-minded people. We record songs based on a bi-weekly theme. The 2 week deadline cuts a lot of the garbage most of us subject our poor brains to and forces you to just get the song done.

I’ve actually got a few active side-band projects going as a result of that group, including Sunshine on Mars (who did a song for Andrew Curry’s Lite Rock compilation) and Smile Factory, who has a song on the upcoming 12 String High compilation coming out on You Are The Cosmos records.





MFP: What is your role in the music scene right now? How did you get into our particular pop music scene? In fact, so I don’t have to insert a whole other blog here at this time….can you maybe define what music scene you are actually in?

KK: Eh. That’s a tough question. We’ve become so compartmentalized. I’m a guitar pop guy and always will be, and unfortunately that means we’re almost automatically limited in our reach. Between The Legal Matters and my Futureman Records label, I sure hope my role is to help spread the Good Word that classic pop still lives and breathes and remains a viable medium!

As far as music scene, we’ve got a pretty tight group of guitar pop brothers here in Michigan, with the Hangabouts, Nick Piunti, Ryan Allen, Stereo Tiger, and Donny Brown, along with Chris Richards & The Subtractions and Andy Reed’s various projects. But it’s more of a recording scene, with us guesting on each other’s records etc.

There isn’t any real local scene in Detroit that might include old-timers like us, and most of us have settled into the pleasures of making records as opposed to playing live all the time anyway, so we’re happy with our lot right now.

MFP: What is your past musical history (record collecting, bands you’ve been in-music you’ve been involved in-go back as far as you’d like) and how did it lead you to where you are now?

KK: I’ve been a music nerd my whole life. Found the Beatles early and never let go. First band was Hippodrome with Chris Richards, late 80’s. Which means he and I have been working together now for 30 years, which is nuts. I got burned out on playing live, but Chris and I got back together as the Phenomenal Cats in the mid-90’s. That’s the configuration that had the good fortune to cross paths and eventually add Andy Reed to become the Legal Matters.

MFP: Mychols wants to know….what musical instrument/s do you play?

KK: I play guitar but not well. I’m a strummer. Luckily Chris and Andy are both amazing, so there’s not a lot of need for me to do anything other than sing in TLM’s, which is the one thing I can do fairly well!

Keith Klinensmith

Hey! It’s Keith!!!

MFP: Do you write music, as well? If so, what is your favorite subject you tend to write about most?

KK: I write, but am the opposite of prolific. I get a song ready when it’s time for TLM’s to record. Subject invariably is my sad-sack life.

MFP: Do you record at home or somewhere else?

KK: Real band records at Reed Recording Studios in Bay City, Michigan. State of the art, and run and engineered by a genius. Everything else I do at home.

MFP: What have you personally and most recently released and where can music lovers find it?

KK: We were lucky enough to have the Legal Matters 2nd record “Conrad” released by the best label in the world, Omnivore Recordings.

I still love “Conrad”! People can find our sweet boy at Omnivorerecordings.com, or hopefully at their local record store! Our website though is thelegalmattersband.com. Lots of goodies to be found there, including a free ep we put out last x-mas with Teenage Fanclub, Big Star and Beatles covers, along with a track from “Conrad”.

MFP: Are you working on anything NEW musically? (Your own music or with your band/s)

KK: The Legal Matters probably won’t start our next record until late this year, if not the start of 2018, but I’m always keeping busy with the Theme Music group. I’ve actually got 5 volumes of fun pop covers I’ve done over the years up for free on Futureman , should anyone want to take a gander.


MFP: What do you LOVE about the music industry and social media, as it is right now?

KK: I love that labels like Omnivore are still out there digging up amazing releases and getting them out there in real record stores, in physical form. As far as social media, it’s love/hate, as I’m sure it is with a lot of people. I love being a click away from people like you, and all the other classic pop musicians and fans out there around the world. But it’s super tough to use social media, which is really all we have available to us, to get anyone outside of our bubble to take any notice of anything. Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE OUR BUBBLE, but sometimes I want to be able to get a particular record to scream “I AM HERE!” outside that bubble.

MFP: Besides for the music, who else are you and what else do you do? 

KK: Haha, I don’t know how to answer this! All I really do is the band, the label and do things with theme music in the gaps. I’m married with 2 kids and 2 cats and a job and a car and umbrellas and stuff.


 MFP: Your Futureman Records label….how did that all come about?

KK: I had a good pal, Rick McBrien, who I met on the old AOL power pop message boards in the late 90’s. Rick played guitar in a great band called Paranoid Lovesick. Rick and PL were from Cleveland, but Rick actually grew up, and his family still live, a couple of miles from me in Grosse Pointe, MI. Anyway, Rick and I started tossing around the idea of doing a split-ep with both PL and the Phenomenal Cats doing songs from a record we both loved, The Who Sell Out. Rick and I both knew a ton of great bands, so that idea eventually grew into the full tribute The New Sell Out, which wound up having us along with The Jigsaw Seen, Splitsville, Brendan Benson, Zumpano, The Pearlfishers, The Vandalias, and loads more.

KK: He and I created Futureman specifically to put that record out, but tragically, Rick passed away in 2003. Record never wound up seeing the light of day, for mostly financial reasons. Once digital became a viable thing I started the bandcamp site and put TNSO up, finally, in 2012, dedicated to Rick. I hadn’t really thought of expanding it until I realized how perfect bandcamp was to allow tiny labels to exist, so away we went.

MFP: Do you carry a specific genre of artists and bands? If so, why is that? Can you share current and/or upcoming releases from Futureman Records?

KK: I only bring bands on that I personally love, and I love guitars and harmonies and great songs. We did a Sloan tribute record last year, which was amazing due to the huge list of talented friends in our virtual rolodex. Won a couple best-of year things along with a surprisingly high ranking on The Big Takeover’s Best Records of the Year list. Had a blast doing that one, so most of the usual suspects are involved again on our tribute to Matthew Sweet, which is our current project.

KK: Added a load of new names to this one, bands and artists I love and have been wanting to work with forever, including the amazing Lisa Mychols (who we’ve worked with plenty before but have missed!) We’ve also got releases coming up from Mark McCrite, a re-release of his lost classic 2000 release “Getting To The Point”, which sure sounds like classic Michael Penn to me, and a great new band from Atlanta called The Lord High Admirals, which features Paul Schwartz from The Big Fish Ensemble and Rob Gal from The Coolies.

MFP: How does an artist/band benefit from being on Futureman Records/Bandcamp?

KK: In my mind, Futureman works as a co-op. Everything goes to the bands, we don’t charge or keep anything, with the idea being that the more eyes that wind up on ALL of our releases, the better for all of us, so it’s really win/win. I help promote and do anything else I can do to help bring the eyes over.


MFP: What is your role at Futureman Records? What is your your mission? Do you plan on taking it further? Questions questions questions!

KK: Futureman is all me, so whatever there is to be done, I’m doing it. (Both Chip Saam from the Hangabouts and Lindsay Murray from Gretchen’s Wheel have been a big help lately though, more of that!) I just love to unearth the gems that people haven’t had a chance to find, be it never released before, or things that never made it to digital.

I like to work with the artists to add a few interesting bonuses to something that was only previously available on cd to give our release a good reason for existing. Sometimes that leads us to a classic one-of-a-kind release, like Erik Voeks’ seminal “Sandbox”, which has been near impossible to find for the last 15 years or so. I worked with Erik to add six of his original demos from that record, which may never have been heard otherwise. (and I personally am a demo nerd..)

MFP: Do you think it’s an exciting time for music again? Why or why not?

KK: I have the same answer most of us would. It’s a super exciting time in that we can all make music so easily now. We can all release music so easily now. The problem is getting anyone to care. Sooo much out there taking up people’s mental bandwidth, you’re totally lucky if you get someone’s attention for 10 seconds, but even then getting them to actually take action, like clicking “buy” or remembering to look for you on next record store trip is a total crap-shoot.

MFP: Okay…THIS was a really fun interview and I cannot thank you enough for it, Keith! I finally understand who you are and what you do! You…and ALL of it, MATTERS!

Keith 2


The Legal Matters: Thelegalmattersband.com
Legal Matters on Facebook:  https://www.facebook.com/thelegalmatters/

Behind the Co-Op Curtain…

The Co​-​Op Communique Volume Three by Various Artists is OUT NOW and FREE!!!

Download here: 

So I decided to catch up with my music friend Dw. Dunphy and find out what’s been going on in his musical world. Funny, how I’ve known him for a while now, and yet I’ve never really understood what his actual mission was-at least as far as The Co-Op Community Facebook page that he’s created. What is this community all about?

Like me, he has a LOT going on! Let’s see how well we can clarify all the great work he’s doing!

But first, let me just clarify something with you, the reader. Notice the co (lower case o) and then the Op (uppercase O) resulting in Co-Op. Cool! Now let’s move forward to the man himself-Dw. Dunphy!

CoOp Community Image

So, Dw., when a person clicks on your Co-Op Community Facebook page, what are you hoping they will find?

First and foremost, I hope people will find a place where they are understood. One of the peculiarities about creative individuals is that we often create compulsively. We don’t have strict regimens about it. If anything, our compulsions mess up other regimens. So I hope that being a part of the Co-Op means that you don’t have to explain that.

Second, I hope the group allows people to collaborate. The page should be more than just an outlet for musicians, but also for writers, illustrators…origami folders. How brilliant would it be if a traditional painter connected with an origami folder and did something.

Finally, I want people to promote their work. So often on these Facebook pages there’s an overarching dictum about it being okay to talk about what you ate for lunch, but not about what you make or do. Seems kind of backward that we would celebrate the mundane things but not the things that express talent and effort. Therefore — so long as it is not incredibly offensive or comes from a place of hate & intolerance — the Co-Op welcomes your creativity and wants you to talk about it.

B. What is it you hope will keep the Co-Op community coming back?

The idea that this is a real community, that you should be inspired by stopping by, and — I hate to use the word “empowered” because it’s so overused to the point of cliche…how about — emboldened to do your own thing and be proud of it and to show it off. I think that would give people a reason to come back.

C. I am clarifying that your CD comp releases are technically called “The Co-Op Communique” (?)

Yes. The Communique is an annual collection. I hope that in future installments it can be expanded to include a PDF booklet about the musicians, but also include visual contributions. That would continue to push the arts community aspect forward.

2) How would you LOVE to see the Co-Op community “participating” more on the community page? Has it been as active as you’ve wanted it to be, up to this point?

Collaboration and the freedom to take a bit of ownership of it. Frankly, there’s only one rule that I hold as far as the page goes. It’s pretty simple. “Don’t be a jerk.” Show each other some respect and support. Definitely collaborate, strike up conversations. But if you’re there to stir up trouble that is the one thing that will cause someone to be ejected. And frankly, there are plenty of places to be a jerk on the Internet, and not so many where you can express your creativity. So I want to see participation, interaction, and hopefully lots of collaboration.

3) You are also a label for artists but you don’t necessarily “sign” artists, right? What is your role, as a record label?

I started making music a long time ago but found it incredibly hard to stay motivated because it often felt like there was no audience. Or rather, that support system that said, “You’re onto something here, keep going” wasn’t in place, so there was often a struggle involved with staying motivated. Nothing is as deflating as working on something for months and months, and then you drop it into the world, and the response is the same as if you’ve done nothing at all.

So my primary goal with the Co-Op, the label (Introverse Media), and all the efforts that surround them is to be that megaphone that shouts out, “You should see/hear/read this!”


Although I’ve run Introverse for more than a decade, it’s been only for my own purposes but that might change soon. The fact is that I’m doing this on a shoestring, financially. I’m hoping to scale up so that my ability to be more of a help to everyone is that much greater. There are opportunities. I think that there’s going to be a genuine need to support the arts independently, and very soon. I’ll keep this from getting political in either respect, but suffice it to say that the days of government-funded arts is probably over. I’m hoping that independent concerns like mine can fill the void and I’ll be able to work with patrons who can help grow this.

That’s another thing about the Co-Op Communique. I don’t charge artists to be included. I know of other annual compilations that do, and I know why. There’s a certain amount of overhead involved, and maybe that’s necessary to carry forward the final product. But I feel very ambivalent about taking money from artists, and generally refuse. You spend months writing a song. That’s a valuable-enough contribution. To have to pay to get it heard — that just rubs me the wrong way.

In lieu of money, I strenuously encourage the people involved with the Co-Op to help promote. Doesn’t have to be paid either, and I don’t want people going out-of-pocket anyway. Using one’s social media to connect their fanbase(s) with the compilation, and expose them to new artists and songs, that’s pretty effective too. Spread the hashtag #CoOpCommunique like crazy. Word-of-mouth is very effective!

4) What are the methods you are currently using to help promote the artists you support?

I will put out a press release upon the compilation’s release — a paid release with good reach into the media. I also will pay for social media ads and, in fact, have been promoting Co-Op 3 for more than a month now, even though it doesn’t come out until the end of May. That will continue.

CoOp Community Image

Available May 26, 2017

Once it does come out, not only will I be promoting each song and artist on Volume 3, I’ll be doing the same for the artists on Volume 2 (which presently is the combined Vols. 1 & 2 on Bandcamp). That’s another thing. I’ve structured this so that once you’re in, I won’t forget you come the next time around. I hope to give each Co-Op Communique volume as much spotlight as the previous one. There are ways to accomplish this. You can do it if you really want to.

And this promotion will continue well after the initial release occurs. I think that’s what people have appreciated most. I get emails back saying, “Thank you for continuing to back me. It’s been 9 months since this came out and you’re still tweeting out my song and spreading the links to my CD Baby and Bandcamp pages.” I think that’s what means the most to artists, that they haven’t been forgotten. That incentivizes continued work and effort.

5) As you continue your work on The Co-Op Communique Volume 3, what do you hope will happen, that didn’t happen with the last volumes….or do you feel the last 2 volumes were successful in reaching people and promoting the artists?

It’s a steady process. You do have to establish a name and identity for the overall concept. But like I said before, the folks who contributed to Vols. 1 and 2 will get continued push when Volume 3 launches, and it is my intention to funnel that rising tide that lifts all the boats.

As far as the success rate…sure, I would love to be able to talk about this on a larger stage. And I will talk about this to anyone who will speak to me on it! But there is a growth pattern that has to occur. People are reticent to jump into things without a track record to go on, both for producers and consumers. The task is to keep it up and keep pushing forward. I will insist that those who contributed in the first round continue to get heard and seen by the third, fourth and fifth round. I think this, too, is something that differentiates the Co-Op Communique. I don’t want to leave anyone behind.

6) Besides for promoting artists and their musical recordings, what else do find yourself promoting (art, theater, other arts…)

I’m a Senior Editor at the website Popdose.com. We cover everything, but we have a heavy focus on new and independent artists. That’s always encouraged by the Editor-In-Chief Jeff Giles. I don’t tend to promote myself there, but I have run reviews of artists who appear on the Co-Op Communique. I’ve also run interviews with artists who do other things. For instance: musician Dan Pavelich also has a comic strip called Just Say Uncle. I’ve covered both his music and the comic strip. Popdose has covered releases from the label Curry Cuts and artists like Brandon Schott. It’s all about pushing creativity forward, I suppose.

7) What else are you enthusiastically working on, as far as the Co-Op Community page goes?

Everything — within reason. My only rule in that is to be respectful and play nice, but by all means, play.

FABULOUS! I get it now! 

Dw. Dunphy-The Man Behind The Co-Op

Dw Dunphy

You are a musician yourself. Can you tell us more about the music you write and record?

I come from a 60s-70s pop and prog rock background. A lot of listening to Beatles, ELO, Yes, Rush, The Cars, Pink Floyd…so all of that tends to get filtered into what I do.

What is your musical background? (Bands, professional lessons, etc…)

I’m self-taught, but that’s kind of facetious, really. My grandfather always had instruments around and played almost everything. My parents both loved music and surrounded the kids with it. My sister had an outsized influence there. While kids my age (at that time) were listening to “kiddie records,” we were listening at least ten, fifteen years beyond that.

I’ve been in a couple of loose collaborations and was a part of an experimental unit called Nightmare Variations. I’d like to play more in a group setting but, primarily, I’m a one-man band in a DIY setting.

How long have you been creating, playing and performing music, on a professional level?

Since the mid-90s. Lots and lots of cassette releases. Having a graphic arts background as well, I was able to package them up and do okay in that respect. I wasn’t necessarily punk, but I had a bit of that renegade mentality. That’s really how Introverse started (and yes, that’s also an allusion to a bit of an introverted personality…but I do try!)

What instruments do you play?

Keyboard, guitars, a bit of percussion. I like doing multiple vocal harmony parts. I think if you can nail the perfect multi-layered vocal harmonies, there’s nothing better than that.

Do you do your own recordings, or do you record somewhere else?

It’s all me, at home with my modest computer rig. That’s one of the best things about the age we live in. It can be done, and the only limitation is your determination to do it.

That said, I’d love to see Abbey Road Studios. I’d love to see Real World Studios. I’m an idealist, but I’m not crazy! 🙂

Do you collaborate (or have you before) with others?

I’ll collaborate anywhere that I’m welcome to. Preferably, I’d collaborate with people I know and have a good rapport with, and are okay with my personal “isms.” If you are mainly a solo artist, you do pick up traits in process, so I like to work with folks who get that about me. I don’t really have much call to collaborate, but I’m definitely open to it.

After searching for your music, I came up with these main sites. Can anyone purchase your music from them at this time? 

On Bandcamp: https://dwdunphy.bandcamp.com/music
On CD Baby: https://www.cdbaby.com/Artist/DwDunphy
On Amazon: https://www.amazon.com/D.W.-Dunphy/e/B001LICDVO

Most are available. A couple aren’t, and on earlier releases you can definitely hear a learning curve taking place. You are your own harshest critic, but I think I do well, and I’ve made several albums I’m really proud of. I haven’t done too badly as a “bedroom pop” pioneer!

What are your current releases?

The First Thing That Came To Mind came out late last year, and I’m prepping a 7″ record release that has songs from two previous albums, Modernism and The Radial Night called:  Your Saturday Sins Limited Edition 7″ Record.

What else can we look forward to from you in the near future? 

Currently, I’m putting everything I’ve got into Co-Op 3. We’ll see what progresses at the end of the year. I definitely want to devote my energy to Co-Op 3 though.

Apart from that, I’m going to have a few paintings and drawings hung at a local arts community center here in New Jersey around July, so I’m excited about that.

Any live shows/events scheduled? (even if it’s via internet).

Nothing live slated for now. The one-man band thing is an impediment, but I have considered finding a couple of folks in the area who might want to do some acoustic trio sort of thing, mostly just for fun, maybe just show up at a park and do some songs…annoy some deer, that kind of thing.


Where can we find more of you and what you are writing about? 

My website, which needs to be updated more often, is www.dwdunphy.net and I write an awful lot at www.popdose.com.

Popdose is a great site with tremendous writers and a great sense about the world and the arts. I’m extremely proud to be a part of it.

And there you have it! A fabulous guy with a fabulous mission. Thank you for taking the time to chat with me today, Dw.! 

Follow @DwDunphy on Twitter!

Dw. Dunphy’s Facebook Page
Dw. Dunphy’s Website
Dw. Dunphy’s Newsletter Sign up
Dw. Dunphy’s Blog at Popdose
Dw. Dunphy’s music for Preview and/or Purchase: Bandcamp and CDBaby