Wellth – Book Review

I LOVE educating myself not only with my own lessons, but even through the lessons and different perspectives of others. I also believe that we each hold the real truth for ourselves within – it’s up to us to FEEL that what we are reading resonates with that truth. This book, for me, “felt” good to my truth.
In reading Wellth, I realized that although we are raised within a belief system through family, friends and even ourselves, further educating ourselves gives the opportunity of choosing to stay within that current belief system, or to evolve it to support us living an even BETTER life than we are currently living now.
The author fills this book up with great personal stories and tips that fit well with each chapter’s lessons, along with some physical exercises and even questions we might want to ask ourselves.
Great stories-great tips-and a fabulous direction to help one live a more fulfilling, deeper, healthier, creative and richer life!
Wellth available here at Amazon.com

The Other Side Of The Wall

Have you ever wondered where you fit in on the planet and what the heck you are really supposed to be doing here?
Throughout most of my waking life when not creating, I was pretty much ….asleep. I just couldn’t figure out how to be happy and where my art would ever fit in. I just always felt so out of place.
As a young adult, I continued forward but with no focus, no direction, and always waiting for something “out there” to tell me what the heck I was supposed to be doing on this planet I couldn’t disappear from. I mean, I wanted to be seen, but I felt SO EXPOSED when anyone was actually looking!
The Earth journey would go a little something like this:  “How to get through life and when will it end? A journey you can trust!”
“But how can you be so sad when you are so PRETTY!!!!” Said the nice men I met after work once. (Really?!!!!!) Well…they WERE just trying to help, I guess.
Inner Bliss
Around the mid nineties and in the middle of the night, I am pretty sure help came. It was a voice (yes-a REAL inner/outer audible voice) asking me if I was “ready”. I was totally freaked out and asked back, “Ready for what?”
My fears raced, with the biggest fear being the possibility that I’d be taken through outer space by aliens! I didn’t wait for “it” to answer again and I quickly blurted out, “NO!”, with that connection quickly broken!
…but what if…… it was an angel??? (sigh).
Blog Inner Alien
That night stuck with me for many years after because I WAS asking for help from the Universe, but with my conditioning at the time I just couldn’t trust what I didn’t recognize. I always knew that I may have turned away something good.
Blog Inner Light 7
I continued chasing the answers for, “How to get through life and when will it end?” and it led me to counseling twice a week. I explained to the therapist that I was looking for life tools and well, “how to get through life and when will it end?!”
The counselor tried to put me on medication but I felt it would probably numb my creativity-the one part of me that I liked!
I learned later in my healing journey that pain energy is meant to be felt! That’s how it gets noticed! From here we can heal it! If we try and ignore it -or numb it- it will always remain in the “pain body”. 
Through therapy, my counselor and I would begin digging up various pain energies through my stories, memories, and moments that may have taken place during the day. She asked a lot of questions, and I took down a lot of notes!
When not in therapy, I was in a constant cycle of cursing myself for every moment I was feeling “bad”.  “Oh no! I’m NOT supposed to be feeling like this!” I was attaching myself with the emotional hell I carried around with me!
May I present to you this lovely designer junkyard carry on for the gal-on-the-go!
ENDING THE BELIEF that living life is a struggle….
Inner Bliss Journal
As the counselor and I continued digging stuff up and putting them under a magnifying glass, I continued writing all sorts of things down in my creative journals (yes, I still have them).
I questioned my courage over and over. I questioned my “trust programs”. I questioned my “faith programs”. I wondered how there could ever be another side to the wall before me that had no doors or windows.
Alas, I DID finally make it to the other side! After months of giving counseling and writing my 100%, that wall magically dissolved! (It’s written down in my journal!) -I continue to believe in magic! -Which to me is really the “unseen” of miracles.
My spirit had awoken and I was seeing LIFE differently! Through spirit-and through heart! I was able to put together the greatest band I’d ever have because of my new mindset and clear path! My new beliefs were guiding me with all the wonderful things I could do!
I found myself in FLOW AND HARMONY with life for the very first time! I was inspired! I was thriving! I was creating and having fun! Many chances to prove my courage would come, but I was DOING what I LOVED and I always powered through, effortlessly.  Every breakthrough would lead to another and then to another.
The first healing was complete.
Inner Bliss Heart
All in all, music has always been a constant for me-the good and the not so good. I believe that it’s what’s got me through that first part of my life, which I now believe was always meant to be a journey of healing.
The path I initially chose was probably a lot slower than it could have been…but still…I feel….
I’m right on time!
There is more. There is always more.
May you have courage. May you have faith. We are never alone, even if at times we feel like we are. We are not alone.
Inner Bliss Circle

Roadfood? – YES!!!

Musician friends, listen up! I’ve got a cool new roadfood guide so let me know what state and city you are in and I’ll give you some cool food places to visit on the way to your next gig!

That’s right! I just got the latest book/reader’s guide, Roadfood, 10th Edition by Jane and Michael Stern.

Road Food Image

I have sticky tabs all throughout this book, already! I swear, I feel like I’m on vacation when I read and experience each place these authors have visited and eaten at! I’m living my own experience in each and every visit!

It’s also inspired me to pick up my Ipad, pull up Yelp and continue those journey’s!

They really bring to life the ambiances, the foods, how the foods are put together, the highlights of the menus, It’s all pretty dang thorough.

And the maps in each chapter!  THE MAPS! Since I’m one that has barely traveled outside of California myself, I really really really really appreciate the maps throughout this book like Mid-south means this chapter is covering Kentucky, Tennessee, West Virginia, Virginia, and North Carolina. To me, this book is very well organized, very simple and to the point. They cover a lot of places!

So don’t bother me next time I just want to stay in bed and read. I’m really off on a bunch of exciting “foodie” adventures! (hehe)

Thank you for reading!

I received this book from Blogging for Books for this review.

Available on: Amazon.com

WEBSITE: Roadfood.com

You May Say I’m A Dreamer…

I’m pretty sure there is no success gene currently written in my DNA.

Since I grew up with a biological mom, half sister, and a sweet step-dad, I had very little to sum myself up as, and so I lovingly summed me up as, “I’m a dreamer and dreamers are failures.”-It was a “me” personality trait and physical form, combined with a lot of mysterious DNA.

I was in high school when I finally asked my Mom about my “real” dad, and she told me that he was a dreamer. As I can best recall, it was said in a slightly disappointing tone. I think she saw me as a dreamer, as well-but since she was stuck with me as a daughter, I believe that she truly did the best job she could to support my dreams. (Love ya Mom!)


But how can one ever evolve from from a dreamer trait if they don’t at least try for bigger things and possibly fail some times. Unfortunately, that just generates MORE disbelief in dreamers and that dreamers can’t change the world-or at least their world.

I’ve met people that don’t believe in dreamers. In fact, I’m pretty sure I’ve attracted them in my life just to support my own “I’ll never be, do or have anything” comfort zone.

If I came up with a great idea or inspiration….they came up with supporting evidence as to why it was a bad idea or why it could never work-and isn’t everyone right from their own point of view?

I can happily report that I did finally stop obsessing over who my real dad was when I got married, but of course I was still curious about the rest of my “mysterious” family.

Perhaps I was searching for who I was in the whole entire mix of my lineage, to maybe pull me out of my own rut. Who could I identify with. Who in my family lineage broke through life the way I had not, that sort of thing. I asked for this information time and time again, and claimed it was really to give my doctor a better family history medical report!

I do have a lot to be grateful for, as the father I DID grow up with, was a successful self-made man. I also viewed him as a workaholic and a bit emotionally removed from our family unit. He’s probably why I keep trying-but not for approval-simply for my own evolution.

So now there are DNA tests where we can find out where we come from. Sure I’m still curious but…why? Why the curiosity? I know we can change everything about ourselves in this amazing day and age. We CAN redesign ourselves and our life experiences through the calling only WE can hear from deep within. Need extra help hearing that inner calling? There is SO MUCH out there and available to us-if we’d only accept that we are not yesterday’s limitations and that we CAN be today’s breakthroughs!

And so…

….with no success already embedded in me that I know of, I have the mindset that I can and will change my DNA in this lifetime, and I can bring along my entire family lineage of the past with me-all the habits, personality traits, ways of thought, belief systems, etc., and understand that they are not who I have to be.

Is it baggage or opportunity?

We CAN be the change we wish to see in the world.




What is Leif Teaching Me?

For some reason, this artist comes to my mind every now and then. I mostly know of him through a couple movies I’ve seen and LOVED (Spirit of 76 and Dickie Roberts), and an outdoor festival I saw him play back in the mid/late nineties.

We could have paid the $100 meet-and-greet ticket, but honestly with hiring a babysitter for 7 hours for this night out already, it was a pricey night already as it was. In fact, months ago I put the word out on Facebook that I’d love for our band to be considered as a possible opening act for Mr. Garrett- (to me it was another way to meet him-wink wink). I was put in touch with one connection but that connection would soon fizzle out and dissolve in to the ether. But that was okay. I was happy just to take the night off instead! Plus, I got to see another great opening act that night!




OMG-I really enjoyed this show! I usually root for who I think might be underdog musicians and I think I originally just wanted to go to this show to show my support for someone I actually kind of admired. I was really surprised and very grateful for going because this guy brought a FABULOUS, ALIVE and FUN show! His band is seriously amazing, too! I wanted to just stare at each band member individually for minutes on end, but I didn’t want to forget the person I actually came to see-ladies and gentlemen, the fabulous Leif Garrett!

I would soon realized that I was not there to “fix” anyone with my “musician to musician” support. I was there to find what it was inside of ME that needed a little bit of healing and understanding. I would be getting in touch with whatever I thought was wrong with “out there” while getting in touch with what Leif was actually teaching me that was going on “in here”. In other words, if we heal what’s going on within ourselves, we heal the whole experience of what’s going on “out there”, presenting us with a pleasurable experience!



Yes-back to the show, indeed! I want to really make this known that besides for the originals Leif plays, he also mixes in some covers. But DO NOT MISUNDERSTAND me here because they do NOT play covers like a cover band would (Believe me, I’ve seen enough and I’ve been in cover bands myself to know the difference!) What they bring is their own personality to the musical mix. I was even thinking about this within various moments of the show-they make each song really special while making the set for the audience enjoyable AND fun! (Remember-this is my own personal perspective from my experience of this show).

My takeaway now is this. I am sure that this beautiful man has struggles, as many of us also have. Still, I stand inspired here by a gift Leif brings that no one else can touch. It is his own unique fingerprint and gift for this particular time on this planet. To me, he is the real deal-whether he believes it or not. His band-the real deal. The chemistry and music they bring-it’s real and they are AMAZING players! The energy of the room Leif seems to attract-playful and appreciative.


What ever goes on within the person…the band…the fans….I don’t know. Why Leif only plays once a year? I don’t know. Does Leif want or not want to be recognized and to nurture his gifts further is unknown. Whether Leif plays only for himself or if he really loves playing for his fans-I simply don’t have a clue.  All I know is a great experience I had of a fun show.


I even got a sweet compliment from a girl after the show from the stage (that she and many fans were on for the last song of the night). She told me I had a nice smile!

…and THAT completed the night exceptionally!

Thank you for reading and Happy Birthday again to you, Leif!

The Leif Garret Website: Leif Garret

Leif Garret’s Facebook page: getaleif