Blab no Blab

It’s been a pure joy for Angela Estes and I to meet up, hang out and bring guests in to the mix, all for the master plan of building a musical and wellness community for us all!

But just could never get out of that beta thing it was in.

We ended our last weeks of Blab with guests on subjects all the way from muscle testing and essential oils to power pop musical guests, a Jellyfish book release and the latest “happening” power pop music festivals!

As of this week, we are getting our fabulous feet wet in an even better looking platform called Firetalk. From my own recent test of it, it is proving to have a much better quality than Blab….like way better! (But we still appreciate Blab and all we did with it).

So hopefully you’ll stick around for all things fabulous and new with Elsie & Angie and the wonderful friends and guests that are coming up to talk about wellness, life on earth, spirit, music and so much more!

Our new FABULOUS PLAYGROUND channels are-

Elsie & Angie FIRETALK  all things life, wellness and personal growth.
Lisa & Angie  FIRETALK and all things music.

You may also follow our topics over on our Fabulous Playground Facebook page!

11.20.15 Blab

Till next time,

Stay FABULOUS…cuz’ you naturally already are! 😉