From Anger to LOVE, Consent to FREEDOM

Anger Management Workbook for Kids: 50 Fun Activities to Help Children Stay Calm and Make Better Choices When They Feel Mad

Author: Samantha Snowden MA
Forward by Andrew Hill PhD


What I LOVE most about this book, is that it’s an engaging workbook filled with activities!!!
I am absolutely BEYOND impressed by this workbook and cannot wait to start using it with my own kids…and myself…sigh. The thing is, is that my youngest struggles with some STRONG anger every now and then (literally getting lost in it),Β  while my older child struggles to understand why that kind of anger even is-which often leads to more arguments and more fighting. I definitely see this workbook as a very strong supportive coaching tool for my own family.
The pages of this workbook are immediately safe, uplifting, calming, and most importantly FUN! There’s a nice consistent flow! Some writing activities include: recognizing emotions for what they are, drawing a photo of what “it” looks like, why negative emotions come up, what they look like, what they feel like, how strong the feelings are, the feelings that come up after reacting…..
I cannot recommend this book highly enough-I mean, it’s serious yet FUN business! If action is not taken on the angry and/or sad emotions that come up,Β  there’s a good chance that those patterns will continue happening to the person experiencing them within their own UN-conscious state of awareness, which can get passed on and on on to future generations only to continue the suffering that comes with it all.
To recognize emotions first and foremost is KEY! “Hey look! There it is!”
So bust out those colorful gel pens for yourself, your child or pretty much ANYONE who might feel their emotions are running the show! Recognizing, disarming and dissolving negative programming while making it fun throughout the process!
I’d like to personally point out here that I always remind myself that one is ever “broken” or “messed up”. We are simply addressing human emotions that come with conditioning and programming. Everyone has their own set. We are in a day and age where we can dissolve what doesn’t work and reprogram for what does!
NOTE: I received a free copy of this book from the publisher.

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Consent: The New Rules of Sex Education: Every Teen’s Guide to Healthy Sexual Relationships

Author: Jennifer Lang MD


I admit that I will be giving this book to my pre-teen, although I really got this book for myself. It seems that in a world of a pre-programmed culture and being raised through the beliefs and actions of our own parents, this great little book could offer some fresh new insight for new generations EVERYWHERE! I really feel that this book will help even me have a better chance at someone my kids can feel confident to come to when they need some extra advice. In other words, this book could help us ALL to be on “the same page”, so to speak.
I LOVE the feel of this book. It’s handsome with a look of trust and totally classy all the way! Inside? Yep, it delivers!!!
So let’s talk about it! That’s how it starts out, talking about it. It goes on to relationships and communication. (Where was this book when I was a teen!!!!)
It goes in to pressures, expectations, personal healthcare (thank goodness!), preventative measures (an especially fabulous chapter for females!!!), meanings of the words being used when it comes to anything having to do with the appeal of sex, and so much more. There is quite a lot covered in these chapters, offering great insight while getting straight to the point. Consent is giving me so much renewed confidence, which will be GREAT for when I talk with my own kids about anything sex related.Β  Funny thing is, is that my oldest will be receiving this book for Christmas…I bet he’ll wonder how I know so much about this topic!Β (I’ll just keep it hush hush for now!)
So yep! Not just for teens! Great for parents to re-educate themselves with, or any adult just learning about what may not have been taught to them yet.
Consent. The New Rules of Sex Education. A+
Note: I received a free copy of this book from the publisher.

Available 12/11/18 at

Authors Amazon Page: Amazon/JenniferLangMD



My intention here is to share an experience that might resonate with you. Sometimes we hold on to things because we think we need them…
….sometimes because we feel we are “missing” something, and filling up a space that might feel incomplete. For me, those “things” were actually distractions, like boulders, disrupting my receiving of inspiration and creation.
Pure 1
As always, I invite YOU to share with ME your own experiences of little to big evolution’s and experiences of your own awakening!
So my story starts last Friday night, after an EVOLVE awakening event. I had a dream about fire. The smoke from this fire was dark and grey and covered a large amount of a city off in the distance. It was definitely coming our way! I said a short prayer before turning away from the window and then I headed back to sleep.
Pure 2
When I awoke, I went back to the window and saw HUGE flames burning furiously just a few houses away from our home!


flames background


Waking up for real this time, I looked up fire in dreams, and I found a word that truly spoke to me….
…it was…


Purification Definition:Β 
ToΒ makeΒ pure;Β freeΒ fromΒ anythingΒ thatΒ debases,Β pollutes,Β adulterates,orΒ 
contaminates:Β toΒ freeΒ fromΒ foreign,Β extraneous,Β orΒ objectionableΒ elements:Β 
toΒ freeΒ fromΒ guiltΒ orΒ evil.Β toΒ clearΒ orΒ purge.
Pure 1
There was also a healing stone that I had acquired from the EVOLVE event and written on it was HOPE.
HOPE stone


HOPE was not really speaking to me so I went and looked it up, in case I was missing something. I certainly was. It was TRUST.
Pure 1
The next day back at the EVOLVE event, I had so many CLARITY (aka “AHA!” moments) and realized I had to let some things go, in my life – things I’d grown attached and or needy to. That realization had already put things in to live action, and where my attention was now flowing.
Pure 2
Two days later I’d realize how so many of those old unneeded “distractions” had already been lovingly set free. It was seriously like I HAD MOVED BOULDERS!!!


Boulders in place of what was in the way of my being available to RECEIVE.Β 
As soon as that space was open, I received SO MUCH INCREDIBLE INSPIRATION at INCREDIBLE SPEEDS with OCEANS of ideas that felt like they had been patiently waiting for me all along!!!
Pure 1
Alive! Present! Attention! Grateful! Inspired! Creative! Action! As Is! Doing! Awake! Aware!
Breathe. Breathe. Breathe.
Pure 2
Then…today….it rained….and that rain felt SO GOOD on me….like washing ASH from FIRE.
The Grass and ash
Below is the puzzle piece I received to write my inspired word that would be combined with others to create a beautiful puzzle wall at the Evolve 2017 event.
I am receiving again, and continuing an evolution in every moment through every experience I receive and create from my body and mind….
Inspiration was ALWAYS there-the space was just blocked for me to receive it.
THE WHO "Reign Over Me"

The Who “Reign On Me”

LM Rain

Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.
Evolve photo by Priya Agrawal Sodhi
Thank you to the following resources-
The Who
Photo of me in the rain by King Cobra Richards
Evolve puzzle photo by Priya Agrawal Sodhi

Attracting Miracles!!!

I had the great honor of meeting both Gregory Downey-The GREATitude Coach, along with Dr. Joe Vitale last year at a weekend retreat/live event. I am so excited nowΒ to see this new book release with both of their names on it!!!

There were so many great takeaways for me just in that one weekend but my hands couldn’t seem to take notes fast enough!Β I really enjoyed that live event, as both of these guys are exceptional live speakers!

Attracting Miracles Gregory

Stay tuned for my FULL review of this book! I’m already looking forward to learning more about how Gregory changed from a mindset of abusive surroundings to attracting miracles and where he is today. I know for a fact that he changes people’s lives-he’s certainly has changed mine, as my own coach!

Be excited like me Sunshine Face 2, as we venture in to his step by step, how to attract miracles in to ourΒ lives!

Attracting Miracles and my secret life as a miracles coach is now available on

***I’ve also heard that this book will soon be available through!