The Fabulous Playground!

The Fabulous Playground is a community influencing the fabulous-ness of us all!

Currently the founders have started a new band called The Hour Zero, and Lisa (AKA Elsie) Mychols became a certified life coach, inspired as a result of many years dealing with personal and career struggles. Now we want to invite others to rise above their own limiting beliefs and really shine no matter what!

We’ve joined a hang-out platform on It’s still in it’s Beta format, due to today’s technology, but honestly it’s really a lot of fun. So if you love, play, record or simply sing music, we have weekly themed blab hang-outs where you are always welcome to join in. We also love to share on these blabs, what our friends are musically or artistically up to. Our blabs take place every Tuesday at 7PM PT.

If you love personal growth, spiritual happenings and awakenings while just hanging out, we also have a blab for that! Join ElsieAngiece Cheerleader of Life every Friday at 9AM PT.

Hope to see more of YOU in the coming future.


Lisa & The Fabulous Playground Team

The Fabulous Playground Theme!



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